Pokemon Go trainer who was just a friend code finally meets in real life

Chris Studley
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In a random occurrence, one Pokemon Go trainer had the pleasure of meeting an in-game friend for the very first time.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that has significant social component to it. Thanks to the presence of Raids and the necessity for friends to gain XP, it’s a good idea to find people that will help towards the completion of mutual goals.

However, some players have “friends” in Pokemon Go that have never been seen before and merely accepted on a whim.

That changed for one Pokemon Go trainer, who shared an account of a first-time encounter with an in-game friend.

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Pokemon Go players meets friend for first time

On Reddit, a trainer by the name of bitofagrump posted the their interesting story of meeting one of their “random” friends in real life.

Bitofagrump stated that a client came to the player’s place of work, and the e-mail given to the firm matched the username of a friend on the list. This player, upon figuring this out, hesitated to say anything at first but did eventually confirm their in-game friend’s identity. Bitofagrump then “thanked her for all the gifts and exp” and said that the encounter “made my day.”

Commenters on the story highlighted some of their similar experiences. One Pokemon Go player wrote to have had a new optometrist a couple of years ago and “recognized his name from Pokemon gyms.” The two then have a “great” conversation about it and the trainer became “Pokemon Go best friends” with the optometrist’s family.

Another claimed to have run into a Pokemon Go player via Instagram. “I have had a guy see me doing a remote raid in my area and then hunt me down on Instagram, then we added each other and now we’re best friends who trade and play together almost everyday. Good dude.”

Go players have found each other in the wild, but some are looking for another resource: an increase to Pokemon storage. In other Pokemon Go-related news, several players have called upon Niantic to increase storage ahead of Go Fest in August.