Pokemon Go trainer claims to have “caught God” in-game after Shiny encounter

Philip Trahan
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A Pokemon Go player shared that they completed the game after finding and catching “God,” and fans in the community loved it.

When Pokemon fans hear about the “God” of Pokemon, most will immediately think of Arceus. Arceus, also known as the Alpha Pokemon or The Original One, is credited in the series’ lore as the creature responsible for creating Sinnoh and possibly the entire universe.

Unfortunately for fans of Generation 4, Pokemon Go has yet to officially introduce Arceus, despite its prominent role in Pokemon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

However, that hasn’t stopped some trainers from trying to catch the next best thing, as one player claimed they had managed to catch “God” for themselves.

Pokemon Go player catches “God” Pokemon

A Pokemon Go player going by the username Kryle1 made a post on the game’s subreddit titled, “I did it! I don’t have to play anymore. I FOUND GOD AND CAUGHT HIM!”

The thread contained two screenshots that showed this heavenly Pokemon was actually a Shiny Bidoof with a CP of 69. The trainer ended up catching this Bidoof and named it God, much to the community’s amusement.

The post gained over 4,000 upvotes in just one day, with nearly 500 comments from players praising and making jokes about the OP’s catch. “69 cp Shiny Bidoof. You won the game congrats bud,” said one fan.

Others simply replied to the post with the word “Nice” en masse, in reference to the popular 69 internet meme.

Some trainers insisted the OP should leave the Bidoof as it is, as one fan said, “Don’t [level] him up either. Perfect the way he is,” to which the Bidoof’s trainer responded, “He’s staying like that…maybe a best buddy badge in the future just for the heck of it lol.”

While this lucky trainer wasn’t able to catch their Shiny Bidoof in a Master Ball, their godly catch is now immortalized in the minds of the Pokemon Go community forever.

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