Pokemon Go players convinced Legends Arceus feature would ‘save’ game

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players believe a unique mechanic first introduced in 2022’s Legends: Arceus could reinvigorate the mobile game and keep trainers more engaged.

Pokemon Go has been around since 2016, and while developer Niantic doesn’t have to reinvent the game after seven years, fans have felt the game has become stale in certain areas.

As such, there has been plenty of discussion among the community about what can be done to breathe new life in the mobile monster-catching game, with many taking inspiration from other Pokemon titles.

Now, players believe introducing a core mechanic from 2022’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus could be an excellent way to boost trainer engagement without reinventing the game.

Pokemon Go players want Legends: Arceus mechanic

A thread on TheSilphRoad subreddit sparked a discussion among the community after one trainer asked how other fans would “reinvigorate the game.”

For those who may not have played Pokemon Legends: Arceus, each Pokemon represented in the Pokedex had a variety of tasks listed out that would contribute to the overall page completion of that monster.

For example, Geodude’s tasks asked trainers to catch a certain amount of the Rock Pokemon, see it use Rollout, defeat it with super effective moves, catch heavier specimens, and so on.

This Pokemon Go fan thought implementing that same task-oriented page for each Pokemon could be a welcome addition, with each task offering specific rewards for making progress in it or completing it altogether.

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Other trainers supported this idea, as many believed it would give more value to each Pokemon regardless of how special they are. “I have so many pokémon that I’ve caught but never really use, or ones I actively avoid catching now because they have very little use (looking at you Dunsparce…) and it would be great to have a reason to appreciate them again.”

While it would undoubtedly take work to implement a feature like this, Niantic wouldn’t have to change or alter the game from the ground up and it would likely go a long way with the game’s fan base.