Trainers sarcastically responded to Niantic’s Pokemon Go teases

Paul Cot

Pokemon Go trainers have been sarcastically responding to Niantic’s not so subtle teases of Jirachi’s arrival to the game.

As of writing, the Wish Pokemon has only been available for those who attended the various Pokemon Go Fest events over the summer. Now, unless Niantic are trolling trainers, which they haven’t been known to do, news about Jirachi’s release should be coming soon.

Most obvious teases ever?

It started on August 15 when the official Pokemon Go Twitter account released an image of a constellation, which appeared to draw an outline of the dual psychic and steel-type. The image was accompanied by 5 stars and it looks like it was referring to a countdown in days.

This first image did leave at least something to the imagination. However, from there onward, a new image was released each day adding more stars to the constellation, making it increasingly clear the Pokemon was indeed Jirachi.

If the second image was obvious enough, the latest one might as well have been a full image of the star-shaped legend.

Trainers respond

Niantic are in a position where they can’t make teases too mysterious as Pokemon Go is played by all ages, including young children. However, they perhaps could have made this tease a little less obvious.

Fortunately, Pokemon Go trainers have taken the teases in good humor with some even managing to solve the puzzle. That’s right, Baltoy is coming to Pokemon Go…

Another trainer disagreed that Baltoy was being released (again) and found a more plausible explanation. Pikachu loves its hats and the constellation shows that a Jirachi hat is the latest to get released.

Alternatively, the stars are nothing to do with the introduction of a specific Pokemon. One trainer discovered that the stars actually align to make the letters UNOVA, meaning Gen 5 is coming soon. 

Some might be sceptical of this (no, the stars aren’t designed to spell UNOVA), but Niantic have teased Gen 5 coming to Pokemon Go elsewhere with a hidden message.

Stay tuned for expected Jirachi related news in the near future!