Niantic teases ‘big updates’ to Pokemon Go in cryptic trailer

Nathan Ellingsworth
A screenshot from a Niantic video shows a Pokemon Go trainer walking through a door-shaped portal, several Pokemon are moving alongside the trainer

Pokemon Go could be in for some exciting changes, as developer Niantic has begun to tease some ‘big updates’ in the near future, and fans are already theorizing what they could be.

Niantic has started to tease some upcoming changes for Pokemon Go, after it shared a video on the Pokemon Go YouTube channel titled, “Coming Soon: New Pokemon GO Updates” alongside a comment including the text, “Big updates to Pokemon GO are coming soon. Get ready to #RediscoverGO!”

With the series getting ready to celebrate its 8th anniversary later this year, perhaps fans can look forward to a large overhaul or some quality-of-life improvements to shake up the gameplay as we creep towards a decade of catching Pocket Monsters out in the world.

The teaser video itself is cryptic to say the least, simply showing a real person in a cafe looking out the window at a Pidgey – perhaps hinting at greater changes to AR – before then cutting to a Pokemon Go avatar walking through a door-shaped portal, while several Pokemon walk alongside them.

While the video doesn’t give much away, fans in the comments below the YouTube video have some ideas, with one person saying, “Finally biomes” before another comment adds, “Update to the visuals? YES PLS! LET THEM COOK!!”

Another comment takes a guess, saying, “New features in AR mode”. Finally, another has the lofty request, “Chat with people in raid party?”

While it’s unclear what changes are heading to the mobile game later this year, Niantic is clearly teasing something big, so hopefully it’s something fun. Meanwhile, players can get ready to play the game now with the upcoming Pokemon Go Bug Out event, and Mega Heracross Raid Day.

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