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Pokemon Go November events start today

Published: 19/Nov/2019 12:45

by Paul Cot


There might be only 12 days left in November but the first of two events — Supereffective Week followed by Friend Fest — starts today in Pokemon Go.

As usual, they will include more frequent spawns and an array of bonuses. The events will act as a precursor for the highly anticipated Pokemon Go December Community Day.

Supereffective Week

The Supereffective Week will give you a chance to learn more about which Pokemon are effective against each other, and not so. With the emergence of the Team GO Rocket leaders, learning which types give you an advantage over others has become increasingly important.

The Pokemon Go blog also teases that “you might discover an exciting Pokémon to partner up with in battle against Team GO Rocket!” What this means at this stage, though, is currently unclear.

The event will also give you the chance to encounter a shiny Tentacool.

Start and finish date

The Pokemon Go Supereffective Week will start on Tuesday, November 19, 1pm PST (4pm EST and 9pm GMT). It will conclude exactly a week later on Tuesday, November 26, 1pm PST (4pm EST and 9pm GMT).


  • 2x Stardust from Trainer Battles
  • More Potions and Revives from PokeStops
  • Guaranteed Charged TM from three-star raids

Friend Fest

This will be Pokemon Go’s first ever Friend Fest event. You will be able to encounter family themed Pokemon, such as Nidoran Male, Nidoran Female and their respective evolutions, in both the wild and as part of field research task rewards.

@PokemonGoAppThe Friend Fest event will be a good chance to get Nidoking and Nidoqueen…

Start and finish date

The first ever Pokemon Go Friend Fest Event will start on Wednesday, November 27, 1pm PST (4pm EST and 9pm GMT). It will finish five days later on Monday, December 2, 1pm PST (4pm EST and 9pm GMT).


  • 1/2 Stardust trade cost
  • You can make two special trades per day
  • Attack boost when you raid with friends

Pokemon card YouTuber loses it after opening luckiest pack ever

Published: 23/Nov/2020 19:11

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon YouTuber went viral after opening a Trading Card Game booster pack with two Charizards in it. The fan lost his mind after discovering the insanely rare “God” pack from the upcoming TCG Shiny Star V expansion.

Despite releasing over 21 years ago, the TCG has seen an explosion in value in 2020. Pokemon card fever has swept YouTube and Twitch as viewers flock to watch their favorite personalities try to hunt down the rarest collectibles.

One content creator went viral on November 23 after opening up what is being called the “luckiest booster pack of all time.” The fan broke down in excitement after pulling two rare Shiny Star V Charizards at the same time.

Pokemon YouTuber loses it after pulling a Charizard card.
YouTube: Collect Pokemon
The Pokemon YouTuber was stunned after pulling two Charizards in the same pack.

Pokemon YouTuber gets luckiest booster pack ever

In November, reports began to pop up online that “God” packs were coming to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. These rare boosters are said to have a one in 600 chance of being found, and are guaranteed to only contain rare collectibles inside.

On November 23, content creator ‘Collect Pokemon‘ actually found one of these mythical packs during his live broadcast, and it contained two Charizards in it.  After realizing what he had, the fan exploded with excitement and yelled, “Oh my GOD! We did it! Two Charizards! This isn’t just a God pack, it’s a God of a God’s pack!”

The moment quickly went viral online after popular British gaming YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken posted the clip on Twitter. Many in the Pokemon card community were floored by what he had pulled, and called his item “the luckiest Pokemon pack of all time.”

At the time of writing, it is not clear whether God packs will come to the rest of the world as they are only a part of the Shiny Star V expansion released in Japan. Unfortunately, TCG sets often change drastically by the time they make their debut in other countries.

While the two Charizards are only currently worth around $800-$2,000 depending on their grading, the fan’s luck is mind-blowing to say the least. Collectors growing up in the 90s could only dream of one day opening a pack with just rares in, let alone two of the popular Fire-type starter.