Pokemon Go trainer shows off rare last-minute Solstice Horizons event catch

Brianna Reeves
Pokemon Go solstice horizons

In the final minutes of Pokemon Go’s recent Solstice Horizons event, one Trainer managed to land a rare catch – Solrock.

To celebrate Summer Solstice, Niantic hosted a Solstice Horizons event in its ever-popular mobile title. The Pokemon Go event ran from June 16 through June 25, giving players plenty of time to explore the Daytime and Nighttime Collection challenges.

Notably, the Daytime Collection tasked players with catching the likes of Cottonee, Murkrow, Ledyba, and Solrock, all of which appeared in the wild during daylight hours.

While some people caught a lucky break when tracking down these creatures, others weren’t so fortunate. But one Redditor managed to land a rare catch at the last minute.

Pokemon Go player shares lucky Solstice Horizons catch

Reddit user lorgskyegon claims they spent a week in Pokemon Go not catching anything worthwhile. In the final five minutes of the Solstice Horizons Daytime challenge, though, the Trainer managed to snag something quite special.

The Redditor noted as much in the following post, which features a screenshot of their rare and impressive Solrock catch:

Other users in the thread say they, too, had high hopes of catching a Solrock in Pokemon Go’s recent Solstice Horizons event.

One player said they had no such luck, but did end up getting two Lunatones – Solrock’s counterpart. And, apparently, one of those Lunatones turned out to be a shiny.

Since Solrock and Lunatone rotate locations during certain events, some consider them among the most coveted creatures in Pokemon Go. Evidently, players who managed to snag them during the Solstice Horizons festitivies were more than pleased to beef up their Pokedex.

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