Pokemon Go Routes approval issues make it impossible to complete Research task

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go fans have expressed disappointment in some ongoing Research tasks thanks to the lack of in-game Routes.

Pokemon Go recently introduced Routes into the game, which let players chart courses that other trainers can travel down to see real-world sights or get in-game bonuses.

Unfortunately, the feature hasn’t rolled out as most imagined. Specifically, many fans have claimed they haven’t encountered any Routes in their local area, spurring calls to make PokeStops submissions more lenient.

Now, trainers have started venting their frustrations about being able to complete specific Research tasks that involve Routes.

Pokemon Go players can’t find Routes

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit highlighted the issue among the community. The post’s title said, “I find it oddly hilarious that even though this research has been up for ~1 week, I still can’t get started on this page because NOBODY in my local community can make routes yet.”

The OP attached a screenshot of a task that reads “Follow 3 Routes” and offers one Incense. It seems that many players are completely stuck on this task due to the overall lack of Routes in their area.

“I live in the third largest metro area in Canada and still can’t find a single Route,” said one fan, while others in both populated and rural areas shared similar complaints.

Some trainers even noted that they’d submitted multiple Routes already, but they had various problems throughout the process. “I recorded 3 routes that are awaiting approval. It took me about 10 tries because if you go too fast, it pauses your recording. If you come to a complete stop also, like waiting at a crosswalk, it also pauses your recording.”

One trainer suggested the ability to let players zoom out on the map farther in order to see Routes that are typically out of view. “I don’t know why you can’t at least zoom out a few miles so you’d stand a chance of being able to find some routes.”

At the end of the day, it seems Pokemon Go’s Routes feature may need a bit more time before it’s fully and seamlessly implemented into the game. Trainers may just have to sit on these Route-related Research tasks for the time being.