Pokemon Go players call for more lenient PokeStop submissions following Routes update

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players are calling for more lenient PokeStop submissions following the lack of routes in their local areas.

Pokemon Go recently introduced Routes to the game, which allows trainers to chart specific courses that other fans can follow for themselves.

Creating a Route is fairly easy, but they must start from a PokeStop or Gym nearby. This means that players in places with few accessible PokeStops may have a hard time finding and creating Routes.

As such, some fans have called on Pokemon Go to be more lenient when accepting player-submitted PokeStops to the game.

Pokemon Go players want more lenient PokeStop acceptance

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit sparked the discussion among the community with a thread titled, “With Routes Niantic needs to increase eligibility for pokestop submissions.”

The OP explained that over the years of playing Pokemon Go and trying to add to their local community many of their PokeStop submissions have been denied.

They go on to explain, “As the ideal for the game is to go out and explore, it’s not feasible for people to go out to parks, and into cities on a daily basis. Rural players and suburban players have done great on getting in their few stops but it’s nowhere near the city life.”

Additionally, they put forward that small things like public signs, neighborhood fountains, and even dirt walking trails should be eligible for signs. Many commenters agreed, but explained how it’s an uphill battle.

“The thing is though, they’re not Pokéstop submissions, they’re Wayspot submissions… Wayfarer has its own criteria for what is and isn’t eligible for Niantic’s database…”

Still, plenty of players have already stumbled across an early hurdle with Routes in that there are simply none being made around them.

Since Routes rely on nearby PokeStops, the strict criteria could be actively hampering another feature for players in certain areas of the world. Hopefully, Niantic continues to tweak and adjusts both Routes and PokeStop in the future to benefit as many players as possible.