Pokemon Go’s new Routes are finally appearing for players and it’s messy

Brianna Reeves
pokemon go routes

Players previously had trouble accessing Pokemon Go’s new Routes feature. While it seems to work now, users consider it a big mess.

Developer Niantic recently added Routes to the mobile Pokemon game, with the feature allowing trainers to create routes based on their own walking patterns.

The possibilities seem limitless, as trainers can document everything from local hiking trails to the walking-based in-game activities in which they participate.

While it seems a simple enough premise, the feature’s launch hasn’t exactly gone well. For quite some time after its release, players struggled to access nearby Routes.

This was especially confusing to those who live in big cities with a sizable Pokemon Go community. But now that Routes is coming online for more people, trainers are encountering a new set of hiccups.

Pokemon Go’s new feature filled with messy, confusing Routes

Reddit user szemetegeto has pointed out a “mess of a route” near them in a POGO screenshot. The image accompanying the post either shows multiple routes stacked atop one another or one long route that overlaps on itself several times over.

Specifics aside, there’s no way anyone would want to follow whatever walking path the route is suggesting.

Based on comments in the thread, this particular issue with the Pokemon Go Routes feature isn’t an isolated incident.

One person claims the only route in their vicinity involves a busy highway. “The ONE route within 30 miles of my apartment involves crossing a major, very busy, and very accident-prone highway” in Maryland. Someone else responded saying the lone route near them is similarly marked along a major highway.

Meanwhile, other replies to the post note that Routes still isn’t up and running for everyone. “At least you have routes,” one Reddit said in a comment mirroring several others. Reads another, “Whoa!! You found a route!! THEY DO EXIST!!”

This is one new addition to the game that will undoubtedly require lots of iteration in the weeks and months ahead.

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