Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for “scam” over false shop discounts

Josh Taylor
Pokemon Go Remote Raid Box

Pokemon Go players are furious after Niantic added duplicate Remote Raid Boxes to the store, with one being more expensive despite it being advertised as having a 15% discount.

The Pokemon Go shop has long been a hot topic in the mobile pocket monster game. With players only being able to earn a maximum of 50 PokeCoins a day in-game, then fans also have the option to use their hard-earned cash to give their balance a boost.

In November, Niantic rolled out a range of large item bundles, which left players confused as they were deemed too “expensive.” Moreover, they faced further backlash as the prices in the shop are dependent on the individual player and the region they play from, which has caused a range of price variations.

Now, one player has blasted Niantic after they found that two Remote Raid Boxes with the same contents, were being offered at two differing prices, with the more expensive one having a claimed 15% discount.

Pokemon Go under fire after Niantic releases false shop discounts

Player Theoneandonlybryce posted: “Am I going crazy?,” alongside screenshots of two Remote Raid Boxes in the Item Shop. Despite having different prices, they both were shown to include 3 Remote Raid Passes, 1 Star Piece, and a Lucky Egg.

The more expensive one for 595 PokeCoins was shown with a 15% discount, while the cheaper one was just 495 coins, as the player stated: “Nice scam Niantic.”

Many players soon flooded into the comments section to give their opinions and experiences. “Honestly that looks illegal to me. There is only one purpose to have two boxes with same name and contents but different prices,” one commented, as another responded: “I feel like all their boxes in the last year have been a scam.”

Various players shared their prices in comparison, which ranged from as little as 320 to 675 PokeCoins: “Classic Niantic. They also offer different boxes to different players, or sometimes the same box with different costs. I have a box in my shop that is 2 Remote Raid Passes and 1 Star Piece for 320.”

At the time of writing, Niantic has not adressed the price variations or shop discounts in the item shop.

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