Pokemon Go players gets an early holiday gift with incredible perfect Shiny

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Mythical Blade Event

Pokemon Go player FleeceKing has had a particularly lucky encounter to kick off the Mythic Blade event that is part of the festive December season. The player says “Christmas came early” as they scored the rare catch.

The holiday season has kicked off in Pokemon Go, and players are starting it in style with the Mythical Wishes season. So far, it has been announced that a weekend-long Community Day will bring back all previously featured Pokemon from 2021 and 2022, while the Mythic Blade event will debut the Mythical Keldeo to the mobile app.

While encountering Keldeo via the paid Pokemon Go Special Research Story may be a primary goal for many players, there are also some exciting Raid Battle opportunities taking place throughout the event. This includes Terrakion and Virizion in Five-Star raids. Both Pokemon have the chance of appearing Shiny, with Virizion available from December 1 through December 8 and Terrakion appearing from December 8 through December 15.

However, one lucky player scored the jackpot on Virizion’s inclusion during the event, sharing their excitement with viewers and Pokemon Go players online.

Pokemon Go gets Perfect Shiny Virizion for the holidays

In a Twitter update by FleeceKing, the avid Pokemon Go player shares an exciting update with fans. The post reads, “UM….looks like Christmas came early for me SHUNDO VIRIZION!!!”

Not only is the Virizion in the pictures a stunningly colored Shiny, but it also has perfect stats. The combination is a dream goal for most Pokemon Go players and is exceptionally rare. It often requires weather boosts and a great deal of effort to obtain both Shiny status and perfect Stats on a Pokemon.

Viewers in the comments congratulate FleeceKing, with some showing off their own special Shiny catches from the Mythic Blade event. Others comment on the Legendary’s particularly striking Shiny appearance, vocalizing a desire to catch one themselves before the end of the event.

With Virizion popping up in Raids more frequently, hopefully, everyone looking for the special Legendary Pokemon will have a chance to add it to their teams.

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