Pokemon Go player shares helpful Winter Holiday Stardust farming strategy

Nathan Ellingsworth
Pikachu and other Pokemon are stood in the snow, looking excited

As a recent Pokemon Go event brings some unique bonuses, Pokemon Go players are sharing new techniques to make the most of the boon, with this clever strategy.

While there seem to be infinite creatures to catch in Pokemon Go, you can’t always catch ’em all. This means the rewards for catching Pokemon can be hard to come by.

One such resource is Stardust, which can be only be earned by catching Pokemon, though players get more for better catches, and for other catch-related bonuses.

Stardust is essential to leveling up your Pokemon’s CP in Pokemon Go, so every player could do with plenty. So, thankfully one Pokemon Go player is sharing a brilliant new technique to create piles of the starry powder.

Pokemon Go player shares new Stardust farming technique

If you are taking part in the Pokemon Go Winter Holiday event, you are given the choice between two paths, one offering bonuses for Stardust, and one for XP.

As explained in the post, the event offers double Stardust if you choose that path, and if used alongside a Starpiece, and a weather bonus, there is the opportunity to grab some serious Stardust in a single catch.

One of the best options is Shellder, which normally offers 1000 Stardust when caught. So, with the double bonus and a Starpiece, there’s a chance to earn 3000 Stardust, and that’s without the possibility of a weather bonus on top.

Plenty of other Pokemon Go fans have hopped into the comments, both thanking the player for their tips and sharing their own. One person commented, “YOU ROCK! Thank you for the info!”

Another fan adds, “This is so helpful and well put-together. What a great way to help out the community!! :)” Then, someone else says, “I’m stacking them in my research queue until we get to Rowlett CD with the 3× stardust. With a star piece they’ll be 4500 stardust each.”

Sadly, it’s only a temporary bonus, but the tips in the post as well as comments from other fans contain lots of great ideas to pile up your Stardust stock ready for the future anyway.