Pokemon Go players are divided about “inaccessible” Masterwork Research

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Go trainers wearing Shiny Jirachi t-shirts

Pokemon Go players debate whether the Masterwork Research is simply challenging or actually “inaccessible.”

Originally from Pokemon Go Fest 2021, Niantic has begun offering the #151 Masterwork Research for players to complete. The paid event grants trainers a chance to encounter a Shiny Mew, but the tasks are far from easy.

As a result, some rural players have claimed Niantic is “bullying” them by requiring rare or foreign Pokemon to finish the Masterwork Research. For example, Kangaskhan, Farfetch’d, and Mr. Mime are available only in select continents.

On the other hand, a few Pokemon Go trainers have suggested that the Masterwork Research is supposed to be a “challenge.” But, some were quick to call the tasks not challenging but “inaccessible.”

Pokemon Go players claim Masterwork Research is a “challenge”

Shiny Mew in the Pokemon Go All In One 151 Masterwork Research

A Reddit user criticized players for labeling the Masterwork Research too difficult on the Pokemon Go subreddit. “If it’s called Masterwork Research, they don’t want it to take a few days,” the OP wrote. “Also Shiny Pokemon are supposed to be rare. Or heaven forbid, if you don’t wanna do the research you don’t earn the reward.”

“I don‘t think anyone who plays this game seriously is afraid of a challenge. It‘s the undisclosed time-gating that’s the problem,” one player remarked.

The trainer continued by saying that they have “no problem” walking 10km a day for a Pokemon. However, “waiting for some random raid/research task/event” for a certain species is “bad time-gating.”

“If the tasks are inaccessible to complete then it’s not a challenge,” another user wrote. “While tedious in parts, the Jirachi research allowed all players to complete it no matter where they are in the world, all tasks were doable.”

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