Pokemon Go players baffled by “awful” Roar of Time effects

Em Stonham
Group of Meltan from Pokemon anime.

The Roar of Time Adventure Effect in Pokemon Go sounds good on paper, but players took to social media lately to question why Dialga’s ability feels so limited in practice.

There’s been a lot of excitement about the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh lately and with good reason. The Origin Formes of Dialga and Palkia are incredible, and they’ve got some Adventure Effects (temporary bonuses) that sound powerful – on paper, at least.

Pokemon Go players took to r/TheSilphRoad lately to discuss Dialga’s Adventure Effect and why they’re disappointed that Roar of Time seems to leave out some key items like Meltan Mystery Boxes and Gimmighoul Coin Bags.

Pokemon Go players disappointed with “situational” Roar of Time

Originally popping up in this post, Pokemon Go player R4KD05 shared their confusion about the Roar of Time ability and asked whether it could pause Pokemon related items like Coin Bags and Meltan Mystery Boxes.

They linked to the original post about the Adventure Effects, noting that Roar of Time can impact both kinds of Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Star Pieces. The items to find Gimmighoul and Meltan were not mentioned, though, leading RKD05 to create their post.

Players in the replies confirmed that Roar of Time does not impact anything other than the Incense, Eggs, and Star Pieces, using their own gameplay experiences as an example of this.

Some players felt frustrated by this, questioning why Roar of Time wouldn’t impact any other items. One person noted, ” I assumed Dialga was more powerful than this, but clearly Niantic disagrees” and another jokingly responded “Money will always be stronger than Dialga”.

Others shared their disappointment with the ability, with one person saying, “oh so roar of time’s adventure effect is even more situational” and another describing the ability as disappointing.

The majority of replies deemed the ability “ridiculous” and felt that it had limited viability outside of a battle setting. Some Pokemon Go players questioned whether Niantic may make changes to the ability in the future, but that’s hard to say with certainty now.

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