Pokemon Go players angry as rare Shinies made “worthless” by Community Days

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Pokemon Go fans have expressed their frustration that their rare Shiny Pokemon are being made “worthless” as a result of the Community Day events.

Niantic have done a great job at keeping Pokemon Go fresh since its release in 2016. Alongside slowly introducing new generations of creatures to catch, there are regular Community Day events that shine a spotlight on a different Pokemon every month.

As well as event-exclusive Special Research stories and exclusive moves, the month’s featured Pokemon appears more frequently in the wild, meaning there’s a much greater chance at catching a rare Shiny variation.

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Community Day events offer an increased chance of finding Shiny Pokemon.

But that’s where some players have a problem with Community Day events. Shiny Pokemon are some of the hardest creatures to get in the game, and they offer the ultimate bragging rights for wannabe trainers.

With more of them appearing in Community Day events, they’re becoming less rare in the game. For some players, this leads to the feeling that the Shiny variations simply aren’t worth as much as they used to be, and their hard work is no longer fairly rewarded.

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Fans think Shiny Pokemon are losing their value

Pokemon Go streamer FleeceKing, who describes himself as a “persistent Shiny hunter”, responded to the news that Machop will be featured in the January Community Day by expressing his concern that his Shiny Machop will now be “devalued” in the game.

“Took me almost 5,000 encounters to get my first shiny Machop, and now it’ll just be another community day Pokémon that’s devalued,” he wrote. “To each their own, but the constant devalue of shinies is quite frustrating. Anyone else feel the same?”

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A number of Pokemon Go fans have now echoed this view, with many explaining that they spent hours grinding for Shiny Pokemon only for them to become “worthless” thanks to Community Day events.

“You’re right. They should have kept [Shiny Machop] rare and it’s a shame to see it become common. It will mean less now,” wrote one player. Another added: “I get zero enjoyment out of Shiny hunting nowadays because everything becomes a [Community Day] Shiny.”

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However, not everyone feels the same way, as one player questioned why the perceived ‘value’ of a Pokemon even matters.

“I’m in no position to tell anybody how they should play the game, but in my opinion, the Pokemon’s ‘worth’ to you should be the only thing that matters,” they argued. “Who cares if everybody has one? If you love it then that’s the point.”

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, it’s unlikely that Community Days will be stopping any time soon.

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If you’re still looking for a Shiny Machop, then you’ll want to check out our guide to the upcoming January Community Day where you’ll have an increased chance of getting your hands on one.

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