Pokemon Go player shows why you should stop buying box deals instead of single items

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One dedicated Pokemon Go fan tracked the box offerings in the game’s shop and detailed why fans lose coins on boxes over single items.

The community discussion surrounding Pokemon Go’s declining shop boxes is not a new one.

For some time now, fans have felt the quality of the game’s premium boxes to be quite lackluster, especially since 2022 began.

Now, one dedicated trainer has compiled data on 2022’s boxes so far and concluded that players who want to spend their coins should opt for single items instead.

Pokemon Go player breaks down premium boxes

Pokemon Go Shop PokeCoinsPlayers can spend their Pokemon Go coins on single items and premium boxes, but it seems single items may be the way to go.

The data comes from Reddit user Parker4815 on the TheSilphRoad subreddit, in a post titled “An in-depth look into box deals in the shop, and why you should stop buying them.”

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Parker began the post by saying they’ve analyzed “every single box offered in the shop” and that the value proposition is “only getting worse.”

After a bit of context about how they’ve personally valued certain items, such as Pokeballs, berries, and Rocket Radars, they introduced a table that broke down the average discount offered through boxes over the years.

While Parker found that 2018’s premium boxes offered a solid 55.9% discount, the numbers declined over the years, according to their findings.

In 2022 as of the most recent Fashion Week event, the data showed that the average discount percentage was at -3.4%, though if players found use in Radars and Poffins it was instead 12.9%.

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The trainer gave concrete examples of overvalued boxes, as well. “The worst value box in the game in terms of % was the Pokemon World Championship this year. The Special Box contained 2 star pieces, 1 charged TM, and 7 rocket radars. The box cost 1150 and was worth 200 coins.”

The post also contained an info graph that demonstrated the decline of coin value offered through premium boxes over the years, as well as a spreadsheet of every premium box offered in 2022.

Though it’s important to remember this is simply one player’s findings, the evidence compiled certainly paints a rough picture of Niantic’s premium in-game offerings.

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