Pokemon Go fans argue weekly Event Boxes are worse than Daily Free Boxes

. 15 days ago
pokemon go daily box vs weekly box

The one-coin Event Box for the week of June 20 has Pokemon GO players arguing that the Daily Free boxes are a better value.

Niantic made a massive change to the weekly one-coin Event Box in May of 2022. They removed the single Remote Raid Pass trainers had grown to expect and replaced it with the vague “rotating array of items”.

The first week following the removal of passes took players by surprise as it offered three Super Incubators for 1 coin. However, this caliber of a deal only lasted the first week.

In the weeks since then, the value of the weekly one-coin box has deteriorated. Instead of luxury items like passes and incubators, players can now pay one coin to obtain items they can easily accumulate for free.

Which box is better?

When the June 20 one-coin box was revealed, players started to argue the value was worse than what players can get in Daily Free Boxes. Especially for those who either fall into the lucky group of free boxes or who use the Daily Box trick to get better items.

This week’s one-coin box offers 20 Razz Berries, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Nanab Berries, and two Poffins. The Poffins are supposed to be the premium item this week, but players noted that last week’s box offered three Poffins.

Players flooded posts on subreddits like TheSilphRoad and pokemongo to express their disappointment with the Pokemon GO boxes, and even went as far as to claim the Daily Free Box is a better value.

While players have the chance to only get a few Pokeballs or berries in the Daily box, there’s also the potential to get a box loaded with high-value items including incubators, incense, evolution items, and rare candies.

The main gripe from players boils down to paying for items that are easily obtained for free – even if the price is as low as one coin. Some players called this week’s coin box inconvenient as they’d likely end up throwing away most of its items to make room for rare items.

Trainers fear they will never see the weekly Pokemon GO Event Box return to its former value, and Niantic has yet to address any of the concerns players have expressed for the boxes over the last few weeks.

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