Pokemon Go players convinced Weekly Box memes have forced Niantic change

pokemon go weekly 1 coin box

Pokemon Go players have watched the value of the weekly 1 coin box plummet since its nerf in May, and now they’re convinced Niantic is taking their memes as box content suggestions.

Week after week, Niantic has continued to lower the value of the Pokemon Go Weekly Box. What once offered a Remote Raid pass and other goodies for a single coin has since been picked apart over the last two months.

Players weren’t happy to hear Niantic would no longer offer a “free” Remote Raid Pass every week but had high hopes after the first box without it contained an assortment of premium items. But as the value of the box’s items continued to drop, the memes started flooding in.

Pokemon Go players would joke that the following week’s box would be empty, contain silly items, or cause players to lose coins. And upon seeing the box for the week of July 25, fans are convinced Niantic took their jokes too seriously.

Pokemon Go weekly box hits historic low

Like every Monday for the past several weeks, Pokemon Go trainers were quick to post screenshots of the new box to the r/pokemongo subreddit. User Cappabitch posted the box with the caption “Someone posted an empty weekly box to discuss the gradually decreasing value. Niantic took it as a suggestion.”

The box in question contained a single item: an incense. For reference, two weeks ago the box contained an Incense and a Magnetic Lure. Last week’s contained a Rainy Lure. Players were at least happy with the Rainy Lure as it’s the only way to get certain Pokemon to evolve.

Seeing as the Incense was nerfed in December of 2021, players are calling this box “nerfception” as it’s a nerfed item inside of a nerfed box. And while this is the lowest value box yet, players still came up with ideas for an even worse box.

Several comments even admitted that they thought the image Cappabitch posted was a joke. It wasn’t until they logged into Pokemon Go and opened the box that they discovered the screenshot was real.

Fans continue to be outraged as the box is being deemed “useless”, but there are some fans eager to see how bad the box can get. Abandoning hope that the box will get better, they lie in wait to see if Niantic could possibly do any worse.