Pokemon Go players flame Niantic over new item box price change

Pokemon Go Ultra Box Item CostNiantic

Despite frustration throughout September surrounding poor item box options, Niantic’s newest item box selection and price seems to indicate nothing will be changing any time in the near future – and players are not impressed.

Pokemon Go fans have taken to social media in recent months, expressing frustration over the game’s increasingly unreasonable microtransactions. The boxes for September were specifically criticized for primarily featuring Incubators over items needed for gameplay, as well as surprisingly high prices.

While many were hopeful things would improve for the Pokemon Go 2022 Fashion Week event, the recent update has shown this won’t be the case. The assortment of items within the boxes are more diverse, the price tags have skyrocketed, with the most expensive “Ultra” Box costing 3300 Poke Coins.

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To add to the frustration, while the Item Boxes do include Remote Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes this time around, they lack Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and other key items that are used during events and standard gameplay. The combination of prices and items has left Pokemon Go fans outraged.

Pokemon Go Players call Niantic out for Item Box price

In a recent Twitter post shared by poke_miners detailing the Fashion Week Item Boxes, players can get a look at the breakdown of the four featured options. The info also includes prices for each of the boxes, which are set at startling amounts.

Pokemon Go players have taken to the comments, expressing their frustration. JreSeawolf replies “I thought Ultra actually looked pretty decent! Until I noticed the price. Seriously, we used to get more than this for LITERALLY half that cost. Inflation hitting Niantic hard, eh?” while AshimusPrime adds “How the hell can they justify 3300 coins for that?”.

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Seaprincesshnb adds a particularly funny comment, stating “Nia Exec: “We’ve successfully killed off all our games except PGO. Those people just won’t quit playing! Any ideas how to finally kill this game?” Nia Intern: “Bad boxes?” Nia Exec: “Brilliant! You’re promoted!””

Pokemon Go players are justifiably upset about the price of the the Item Boxes, as 3300 Poke Coins works out to roughly 30 dollars. Additionally, it would take well beyond the time of the event to grind the required Poke Coins through Gyms, as players can only get 50 Poke Coins daily.

Hopefully, Niantic will offer more reasonable options for players in the coming months, as the Item Boxes are meant to be a good deal, and not an unattainable Poke Coin sink, to improve the free-to-play experience.

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