Pokemon Go player shocked after being told to complete bizarre task

Jessica Filby
Ash looking shocked

Some Pokemon Go tasks are easy, some are hard, and others, like this one, ask the player to do some rather bizarre actions, leaving many fans shocked and extremely entertained.

Thanks to constant updates, introducing raids, Routes, research, and more, Pokemon Go is busier than ever, despite occasional uproar by fans. There’s so much to do in the game leaving many players constantly busy, whether that’s by walking or even sleeping to complete certain tasks.

However, along with asking players to ‘catch 10 Pokemon’ or ‘walk 10k’, some tasks can be a little more, complicated. One player has shared their shock after being given an extremely bizarre request to complete.

Odd Pokemon Go task leaves fans stunned

Posting on Reddit, one Pokemon Go user shared an image of their rather bizarre task, which asked them to “Scan Little Kids.” Likely asking the player to scan the Pokestop, which is unfortunately called ‘Little Kids’. Naturally, the player posted the photo, stating “No, I don’t think I will.”

The post quickly gained traction, with plenty of fans taking to the comments to either laugh or share their shock.

One user joked how “Pokemon Go are gonna have a GOfundme for their bail money next” after promoting such a task.

Other fans used a similar play on words, saying how completing this task means you’ll “Pokemon Go to jail.”

Some even highlighted the 10x Pokeball reward, stating how “the potential jail time is worth at least a Poffin or two” but can’t be worth the Pokeballs.

It’s clear many shared the same sentiment as the poster, with some jokingly warning them, “Don’t do it. You get put on a very discouraging list”

It’s clear this is just an extremely unfortunate piece of wording for this Pokestop, but either way, it certainly brought the community plenty of joy and confusion.