Pokemon Go players slam “useless” Routes as feature just doesn’t work

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go routes

The new Routes has got Pokemon Go players up in arms as the sparkling new feature isn’t actually working for users, leaving them incredibly frustrated.

Introduced as an unexpected release, Pokemon Go added Routes to its popular game, allowing players the chance to show off fun trailers, interesting sights, and more to the rest of the community. Naturally, players were extremely excited to try out this feature.

However, with a seemingly slow rollout, thousands of Pokemon Go fans are finding themselves unable to create or find Routes in their neighborhood, causing them to label the new feature “useless.”

Pokemon Go players slam lack of available Routes

Posting onto Reddit, Pokemon Go player devinh313 shared their thoughts, asking the community, “Has anyone actually found any routes near them?”

Shortly after, thousands flocked to the post to share their frustrations, with many finding they’re coming across the same problems.

A few players highlighted how they’re struggling to find any Routes despite being in a highly populated area, stating: “Biggest city in Canada here and I live off of a major street. Walked a good 10 mins in either direction and couldn’t find a single one.”

Others slammed Niantic for not letting them create Routes, let alone look for any near them, highlighting how “only certain accounts are able to create them for now, mostly people who have created Pokestops in the past.” Which dramatically limits the available Routes in the game.

The lack of Routes is extremely frustrating for many players who were looking forwards to exploring the new feature during the weekend, with one user sharing their disappointment by saying: “I literally went out on Friday, prepared to make several routes, excited to contribute to my community. My dreams were crushed and my day was ruined.”

It seems the community is extremely frustrated regarding the slow roll-out, with one comment highlighting the widespread sentiment: “Thanks Niantic for this completely useless feature.”