Pokemon Go player gets the best perfect stat surprise during Mythic Blade event

Pokemon Go Mythic Blade event Keldeo PerfectNiantic

A Pokemon Go player enjoying the Mythic Blade event for the Mythical Wishes season has encountered a rare reward after completing all the tasks for the paid Special Research ticket.

Pokemon Go players celebrate the chilly, holiday months with the Mythical Wishes season in the mobile app. This includes new Pokemon debuts, a double Community Day later in December, and the Mythic Blade event with a paid Special Research ticket.

While the new updates and debuts are exciting, many Pokemon Go fans have vocalized frustration about the Mythic Blade event, which locks the majority of its content behind an eight-dollar paywall – including the ability to catch Mythical Keldeo.

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However, one fan who paid to participate in the event has had some surprisingly good luck after completing all the tasks in the Mythic Blade Special Research story included with the ticket.

Pokemon Go player gets a perfect score

In a Twitter post by ChrisKG92, the Go trainer shows off their Keldeo catch. While the Pokemon can’t appear Shiny, the player was still in for an amazing surprise when checking the Mythical’s stats.

Obtaining a companion with perfect stats requires a mixture of good luck, the right weather conditions, and enough spawns to offer the best chances of catching one with higher stats. While Special Research rewards tend to have higher stats than wild encounters in Pokemon Go, getting a perfect 4-star on a one-time catch is impressive.

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Fans in the comments are just as excited as the player, with one stating, “Wooow!!! Very nice score, you deserve it!!” and another adding, “THAT’S WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!!”.

Many other players jump in to share their congratulations or show off their own Keldeo catches – though none come close to the perfect stats of ChrisKG’s special Mythical.

Thankfully, those who purchased the Pokemon Go Keldeo Special Research ticket can continue chipping away at the required tasks for the Mythic Blade event after it ends, ensuring anyone who bought the ticket will be able to add Keldeo to their teams.