Pokemon Go player secures Legendary with “happy little accident” autocatch

Cassidy Stephenson
Galarian Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go player doesn’t feel too proud about autocatching a Legendary bird using the Go Plus+ device.

Pokemon Go Plus+ allows trainers to catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops automatically. It can also connect with the upcoming Pokemon Sleep application to track your rest.

In correlation with the device, Pokemon Go will run the Catching Some Z’s event from July 15, 2023, at 10 am Local time until July 16, 2023, at 8 pm Local time. During this period, players can catch Komala for the first time in addition to other wild spawns.

While autocatching Pokemon is a simple way to play Pokemon Go, one trainer doesn’t feel they should boast about their Legendary catch.

Pokemon Go player recalls “stupid mistake” autocatching Legendary bird

A Pokemon Go+ device

From the encouragement of their friend, a Reddit user posted their insane catch on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The OP was walking in a park with their Pokemon Go Plus+ device after using a Daily Incense. Then, they spotted a Galarian Zapdos and caught it with a Pokeball.

“My heart sank as I watched the colors on the ball flash,” they wrote. “By dumb luck I caught it, but I felt so bad for this stupid mistake.”

“Like Bob Ross would say “happy little accident,” one player remarked.

“Well at least ppl who’ve already used up their Master Balls can still hope to catch them more readily,” another trainer added. “Would love if my autocatcher does the work for all the G-birds, as I’m saving my Master Ball for something epic (and it may never see the light of day but).”

“Welcome to the club; I caught my level 29 G Moltres the same way. Couldn’t believe it. What are the odds,” a third player revealed.

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