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Pokemon Go: December field research tasks rewards and encounters – full list

Published: 3/Dec/2019 11:22 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 19:13

by Paul Cot


Field research tasks and their rewards are a huge part of Pokemon Go. Here is the full list of Pokemon you can encounter by completing specific tasks.

Field research tasks are obtained at PokeStops and are distributed randomly from the pool of tasks. This pool changes every two months and the particular task given by spinning a PokeStop changes daily.

The Pokemon encounters they award players are a great chance to find a specific species, in addition to increasing your chances of finding one with good IVs. Pokemon encountered by completing a field research task have an IV floor of 10, which gives you a much better opportunity of finding that coveted perfect IV.

@PokemonGoAppSeven stamps will get you a research breakthrough reward…

The likes of Chansey, Dratini, Magmar and others can be difficult to find in the wild. Using field research tasks is a great way to find these species and even get their shiny forms.

December 2019 research tasks list

The full list of field research tasks and subsequent reward encounters to finish off 2019 are as follows:

Field Research Task Encounter/Reward Chance of encountering shiny?
Catch 10 Pokemon Magikarp Yes
Catch 15 Pokemon Sandshrew Yes
Catch a dragon-type Dratini Yes
Catch 3 different species of dark-type Poochyena Yes
Catch 3 different species of psychic-type Drowzee Yes
Catch 4 grass or ice-type Seel Yes
Catch 5 fairy-type Marill No
Catch 5 normal-type Zigzagoon Yes
Catch 3 electric, water or fire-type Doduo No
Catch 5 Pokemon with weather boost Vulpix or Poliwag No/Yes
Use 5 berries Snorunt Yes
Use 5 razz berries Swinub Yes
Use 10 nanab berries Scyther Yes
Make 5 nice throws Voltorb No
Make 3 great throws Gastly, Buneary, Lileep or Anorith Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Make 3 great throws Onix Yes
Make 5 great curveball throws in a row Spinda Yes
Make 3 excellent throws in a row Larvitar Yes
Battle in a gym Mankey or Makuhita Yes/Yes
Battle in a gym 5 times Machop Yes
Win a gym battle Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle Yes/Yes/Yes
Win 3 gym battles Jynx No
Battle a team leader 2 times Natu Yes
Use a super effective charged attack in 7 gym battles Electabuzz No
Battle in a raid Spoink Yes
Take 5 snapshots of Eevee Gulpin No
Win a level 3 or higher raid Omanyte or Kabuto Yes/Yes
Battle another trainer Electrike Yes
Win 5 raids Aerodactyl Yes
Hatch an egg Exeggcute or Hoppip No/No
Hatch 3 eggs Magmar No
Hatch 5 eggs Chansey No
Power up Pokemon 5 times Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle Yes/Yes/Yes
Evolve a Pokemon Cubone or Eevee Yes/Yes
Earn 3 candy walking with your buddy Ponyta Yes
Send 10 gifts to friends Sneasel Yes
Trade a Pokemon Bronzor Yes
Transfer 3 Pokemon Sableye Yes

December research breakthrough rewards

Earn seven stamps by completing any of these field research tasks on seven separate days and you earn yourself an encounter with a legendary Pokemon.

The Kanto legends — Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres — joined Kyogre and Groudon to complete the breakthrough encounter pool for November and December. New research breakthrough rewards will be begin in January.

@PokemonGoAppThe Kanto legends return to the research breakthrough pool…

Niantic switched things up for September and October by making flower crown Eevee the research breakthrough reward. This was a decision that left many Pokemon Go trainers frustrated.

This list of field research tasks and the breakthrough rewards will apply until the end of December.

While these legendary Pokemon often aren’t the highest CP it is still very much worth having them. After all, you’re not going to see them in the wild! Make sure you maximize the number of them you get by managing your field research tasks to get a stamp every single day.


Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer transforms into Nessa in epic TikTok

Published: 24/Nov/2020 21:00 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 22:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer made waves on TikTok after sharing her mind-blowing transformation in Gen 8’s Water-type Gym Leader, Nessa.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch. The 2019 RPG introduced players to a whole new cast of characters and was the debut of the Galar region.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the game by bringing popular character Nessa to life with an insanely accurate portrayal. The artist’s stunning video transformation into the Gym Leader will leave fans of the Water-type Trainer in awe.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sword & Shield Gym Leader has already become a fan-favorite.

Pokemon cosplayer transforms into Gym Leader Nessa

At the start of the Gen 8 title, the protagonist receives an invitation to the Pokemon League by reigning Champion Leon. On the player’s quest to become the very best, they face off against a host of new Gym Leaders – including Nessa of Hulbury.

Cosplayer ‘nerdtasticmel’ made a splash on Instagram after sharing her incredible true-to-life take on the Trainer. The artist faithfully recreated the heroine’s signature two-piece white and blue Galar league uniform.

Mel’s re-creation of the attire is full of little details, such as the water drop logo on her crop top and the number 049 on her swim shorts. She also faithfully included the character’s belly button chain accessory which wraps around her stomach.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplayer uploaded a video to TikTok which shows how much work goes into artist’s bringing their favorite characters to life. The clip shows nerdtasticmel’s epic transformation in the Sword & Shield heroine.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, the eighth gen RPG is already the third-highest selling game in the entire franchise. Proof that Pokemon’s addicting “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” design is more popular than it’s ever been.

In October, the title got its second major DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra. While it’s unclear if the add-on will be the last content the Switch release gets, the update closed out the Galar region with an epic finale.