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Pokemon Go: What are field research tasks, breakthroughs and quests?

Published: 26/Jun/2019 11:57 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 13:32

by Paul Cot


An essential part of Pokemon Go is completing field research tasks and quests, but not every trainer will be aware of just how good the rewards can be for completing them.

What is field research?

Field research is one element of research quests within Pokemon Go. Field research items are obtained at PokeStops and taken from a set pool, but their selection is random. 

These tasks change monthly and can also vary in special events. Tasks range from catching Pokemon, using berries, and even making great throws.

By completing research tasks you can earn a stamp at a rate of one per day. That’s the maximum. Upon receiving seven stamps, you are rewarded with a research breakthrough which entails an encounter with one legendary Pokemon currently in the pool.


These have ranged from the legendary Kanto birds – Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres – to most recently Latios and Latias.

Rare Pokemon such as the Regi-trio are available as field research breakthrough rewards…

What is Special Research?

In contrast to field research, special research is based upon fixed tasks across multiple stages. Unlike field research breakthroughs, the rewards for completing special research are fixed.

Each stage of a special research quest provides lower end rewards such as Stardust and Poke Balls. Once all of these are completed, you get the end reward. For example, the Let’s Go Meltan special research quest provides an encounter with, you guessed it, Meltan.

Pokemon GoMew is the reward for the special research quest “A Mythical Discovery”

What are breakthrough rewards?

As discussed above, a breakthrough reward is triggered when you complete the required tasks. They are as follows:


  • Field research: Obtaining seven stamps (can only earn one a day)
  • Special research: Completing all of the fixed tasks

What rare Pokemon can you catch?

As Pokemon Go trainers are all too aware, finding legendary Pokemon in the wild is a super rare occurrence. This means the field research feature is heavily relied upon for finding the rarest Pokemon.

It is understandable that the likes of Suicune and Lugia aren’t roaming the wild in abundance, as this would ruin their rarity, but also means when you do finally get the chance to catch them, it means a lot more.

The legendary Pokemon you can catch tend to change on a monthly basis, much like the raid boss pool. The Pokemon you can catch has gone through the generations in chronological order whereby the Kanto birds were first available, followed by Lugia and Ho-oh, the Regi-trio and now Latias and Latios.


If you’re looking to add even more legendaries to your collection, completing these challenges is definitely the way to go!