Pokemon Go Mythical Wishes Season leaked alongside new holiday items

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Popular Pokemon Go leakers ‘PokeMiners’ have leaked the next in-game season, Mythical Wishes, alongside new avatar items for Christmas and New Years.

For the last couple of years, Pokemon Go has spruced up its events with various three-month-long seasons.

The Season of Alola brought focus to the introduction of Gen 8 Pokemon, while the Season of Light followed it up with the introduction of Cosmog and Cosmoem — and the Alolan legendaries.

As the Season of Light comes to an end, Pokemon Go leakers have shared the potential name of the upcoming season alongside some new holiday avatar items.

Pokemon Go Mythical Wishes Season leaked

In a blog post on November 17, PokeMiners revealed that the newest version of Pokemon Go has a few new lines inside of the game that reveals the name of the next season.

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Noted as a Go Battle League name, Pokeminers’ blog post reveals the name: “Go Battle League: Mythical Wishes.”

Based on the name “Mythical Wishes,” many believe that the upcoming season will revolve around the mythical “Wish Pokemon” Jirachi.

Previously made available in the “A Thousand Year Slumber” Special Research quest, players believe that we’ll soon see the launch of Shiny Jirachi alongside a “Hoenn Tour” event next year.

Also in the data mine are new avatar items for players to celebrate the Christmas and New Years holidays with a celebration Pikachu hat as well as a holiday hat, beard, pants, top, and more.

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Of course, these are just theories until Niantic makes them official, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s announced in the coming weeks.