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Pokemon Go leak reveals trainers will be able to “power up” Pokestops

Published: 8/Apr/2021 6:32

by Brad Norton


Pokestops are one of the most common landmarks in Pokemon Go and soon, players might be able to power them up, if new leaks hold true.

Whether you’re an experienced Trainer or brand new to the handheld experience, you’ve likely gone through your fair share of Pokestops. These basic locations all but litter the in-game map no matter where you find yourself in the real world.

Interacting with Pokestops is one the simplest ways of acquiring new items. From basic Poke balls to more advanced evolution items, stopping in is always worth your time. 

After five years of Pokestops remaining the same, a huge change could now be on the way. A ‘powered up’ version slipped through the cracks in Pokemon Go’s 0.205 update.


“We discovered a new tutorial showing a possible new feature,” prominent leakers ‘PokeMiners’ revealed on April 7. The leak shows four images running through the process of powering up Pokestops.

While it’s unclear exactly what’s required to initiate the process, four levels appear to be available. From ‘Normal’ through to Level 3, the Pokestop grows taller in the tutorial image.

Powering up Pokestops could increase the chances of finding better items, not just for you, but everyone in the area. The final image shows multiple trainers reaping the rewards from a powered-up Pokestop.

There’s a chance one individual might not be able to fully level up a single Pokestop. It could require the effort of a small community to get the job done over time, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Pokemon Go Pokestops
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokestops could soon play a much larger role in Pokemon Go.

PokeMiners dipped into the current Android version of the game to check if the leaked feature was implemented behind the scenes. That doesn’t appear to be the case, so it could still be a ways off.

Powered Up Pokestops might never even make it into the game. After all, plenty of unused features have appeared online in the past, so there’s every chance this never sees the light of day.