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Pokemon Go February Community Day | Announcement expected soon!

Published: 22/Jan/2019 18:38 Updated: 22/Jan/2019 23:42

by Paul Cot


It has been over a week since the Pokemon Go Community Day for January. As a result we can expect an announcement for the Pokemon Go February Community Day very soon.

Update: Pokemon Go February 2019 Community Day Announced!

February Community Day

Usually Niantic announce each month’s Pokemon Go Community Day within a week of the previous one. We had to wait a little longer for the January announcement so it’s possible the longer wait is intentional.

The date of the February Community Day is purely speculation at this point. Last year’s took place on February 24 and was headlined by Dratini. Given last month’s Community Day occurred on January 12, it is perhaps more realistic to expect a February 9 date.

Which Pokemon Will Headline February?

The real question Pokemon fans have before a Community Day is announced, is which Pokemon will be the headliner.

Up until now, starter Pokemon have headlined in odd months. This might be suggestive that a non-starter Pokemon will be featured in February.

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With the hype continuing around the full introduction of gen 4 in Pokemon Go, many trainers are wondering whether the generation 4 starter Pokemon will make an appearance. However, with the gen 3 starter Pokemon yet to headline, it seems too early, and illogical, for Niantic to jump straight to gen 4.

With Totodile, one of the gen 2 starter Pokemon headlining January, February looks like it will alternate back to a Pokemon that hatches from a 10km egg.

Pokemon Valentine’s Day

One Reddit user has theorised that Valentine’s Day will play a prominent part in Niantic’s decision making. Consequently, Ralts would be the front runner to make the appearance.

Community day February!? from r/pokemongo

Furthermore, Ralts also hatches from a 10km egg.

Other Contenders

Along with Ralts, Bagon and Trapinch are two other Pokemon that have shiny variants and haven’t featured in a Community Day yet.

Another Reddit user, who has done some extensive analysis into Pokemon Go Community Day trends, believes Bagon will be selected.

2019 Community Day Prediction Calendar from r/pokemongo

Previous Community Days

Here are a list of all the Pokemon featured in previous Community Days:

Month Pokemon Gen Special Move
January Pikachu 1 Surf
February Dratini 1 Draco Meteor
March Bulbasaur 1 Frenzy Plant
April Mareep 2 Dragon Pulse
May Charmander 1 Blast Burn
June Larvitar 2 Smack Down
July Squirtle 1 Hydro Cannon
August Eevee 1 Last Resort
September Chikorita 2 Frenzy Plant
October Beldum 3 Meteor Mash
November Cyndaquil 2 Blast Burn
December All Previous from 2018
January 2019 Totodile 2 Hydro Cannon

Calyrex fusion forms revealed ahead of Crown Tundra DLC release

Published: 20/Oct/2020 23:09 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 23:11

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC is still more than a day from release but more fascinating details have surfaced about Calyrex.

We knew Calyrex would be the featured Legendary Pokemon in the Crown Tundra, but we didn’t know it would have multiple forms. Much like its Gen 5 Legendary counterpart Kyurem, it will actually have two different fusion forms.

Glastrier and Spectrier

Firstly though, let’s take a look at two other Legendary Pokemon that have been leaked for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second DLC. They are Glastrier and Spectrier. Both are Horse Pokemon which are apparently ice and ghost-types, respectively.

“Glastrier emits intense cold from its hooves. It’s also a belligerent Pokémon—anything it wants, it takes by force,” the datamine revealed. “[It] has tremendous physical strength, and the mask of ice covering its face is 100 times harder than diamond.”

Meanwhile Spectrier is more mysterious, probing its surroundings with all senses but its sight. It kicks are said to separate soul from body. Pokemon leak account CentroLeaks shared further details of what appears to be its Pokedex entry: “As it dashes through the night, Spectrier absorbs the life-force of sleeping creatures. It craves silence and solitude.”

Much like how you choose a tower for Urshifu in the Isle of Armor DLC, you can only choose one of these Legendary Horse Pokemon, too. So, make sure you choose right!

Calyrex fusions

Calyrex’s fusion forms are Calyrex (Ice Rider) and Calyrex (Shadow Rider). The popular Pokemon leaks account shared this information courtesy of the same datamine which revealed details about Glastrier and Spectrier.

It is these Pokemon that Calyrex fuses with to create the Ice and Shadow Rider. Both of the fusions seem to be aesthetically simple with Calyrex riding on top of either Glastrier or Spectrier – depending on your choice.

The Ice Rider form of Calyrex is merciless in battle but sympathetic afterwards, healing any foe’s wounds after. Elsewhere it is said “that this Pokémon once moved a large forest—and all the Pokémon living there—to a new location overnight.”

It is said Calyrex and what can only be assumed to be Spectrier, bonded when they traveled across the Galar region to bring green to the wastelands. Additionally, it is also claimed that by using its power to see all events from the past to the future that this Pokemon saved creatures from a meteorite strike.

Despite the in-depth descriptions we’re not sure on the typings of either of these exciting new Legendary ‘mons. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out as Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra releases on October 22.