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Pokemon Go Hoenn Region Event Announced

Published: 14/Jan/2019 22:41

by Paul Cot


A two week long Pokemon Go special event has been announced! The event, as the name suggests, is centred around Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

Hoenn Region Event Date & Time

The turnaround from announcement to the start of the event is a short one. Starting tomorrow, the event runs from January 15, 1pm PST, for two weeks until January 29, 1pm PST. That time is 9pm GMT and 6am JST.

Heonn Event Features

Pokemon from the Heonn region will appear more frequently during the event period. Furthermore, if you evolve Shroomish into Breloom, it will learn the exclusive move Grass Knot. The evolution must occur during the event, however.

Another exciting feature is that shiny variants of Zigzagoon and Taillow will also be available.


In addition to this, further Pokemon Go modes will have a Hoenn region theme to them. Raid battles will include the legendary Pokemon, Kyogre and Groudon. Elsewhere, the increasingly popular field research will highlight Pokemon from the region.

The Heonn region event will feature Kyogre and Groudon in raid battles!

Finally, Pokemon hatched from 7km eggs will also have an increased chance of being from the Heonn region.

Generation 3

The Heonn region was first introduced in generation 3 of the Pokemon video game series. More specifically, it was Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald that were the first games to feature the region.

Generation 4 Coming Soon?

A two week long event highlighting the gen 3 region might suggest the introduction of gen 4 to Pokemon Go is getting ever closer.


Gen 4 Pokemon first started to appear in Pokemon Go back in October 2018. So far there have been 26 variants introduced. Therefore, there are still 56 yet to be released.

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