Pokemon Go fans slam Routes event after “abomination” gets boosted shiny odds

Kurt Perry
Pokemon Go routes event promo image with shiny yungoos featuring.

Pokemon Go players have voiced their displeasure over the ongoing Routes event after finding out which Pokemon will have its encounter rate increased.

Throughout the year Pokemon Go hosts a variety of events giving players the opportunity to catch unique Pokemon. Some recent examples include the 7th Anniversary Party, Catching Some Zs, and Blaze New Trails.

The latest event to be detailed is Routes which started on July 21 alongside the release of the new feature of the same name. Routes will see Zygarde make its Pokemon Go debut and give players the opportunity to shiny hunt various Pokemon.

However, one of the featured Pokemon has not been received well with fans confused why it’s been chosen to receive increased shiny odds.

Pokemon Go Routes event bonuses increase Yungoos shiny rate

Yungoos is the Pokemon that will appear as a shiny more frequently during the duration of the Routes event. Many trainers are unhappy about this not understanding why it was chosen.

The Reddit thread raising this concern proclaimed “PLEASE GOD NO!!!” with the post highlighting Niantic’s confirmation that there will be an “Increased chance to encounter Shiny Yungoos.”

A lot of players agreed with the post expressing their confusion over why Yungoos was picked: “I agree with you 100%. Yungoos has been a common spawn year round for like the last two years. No idea why they felt the need to make an event that prominently features him. Gross.”

Another unimpressed trainer who is not fond of Yungoos replied: “Yungoos is an abomination of a Pokémon and will forever be the only Pokémon I have actually fled from a shiny encounter of. I will not be clicking.”

Not everyone was angered by the Routes event bonuses though. One player defended the choice saying “After seeing 1,800+ Yungoos and never seeing a shiny, I can not wait for tomorrow,” and another declared “I F**KING LOVE YUNGOOSE LETS GOOOOOO!!!”

The Routes event will run from July 21 to July 24 with the full list of featured Pokemon being Growlithe, Ponyta, Doduo, Lillipup, Blitzle, and Yungoos. Only the Loitering Pokemon will have an increased shiny encounter rate but all six have a chance of being shiny.

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