Niantic officially nerfs Pokemon Go Remote Raids & raises pass price

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go

Niantic has revealed that they are nerfing Pokemon Go Remote Raids and raising the price for Remote Raid Passes in the shop.

Back in February 2023, Pokemon Go leaks surfaced that suggested Remote Raid passes were going to raise in price as well as potentially limiting trainers to just five a day.

Trainers quickly took to social media to fight against the potential changes, arguing that they would make it harder for some players to enjoy the game.

On March 30, 2023, Niantic officially revealed the leaked changes that include a limit on how many Remote Raid Passes can be used daily and a steep increase in cost.

Pokemon Go Remote Raids nerfed, pass price increased

Niantic revealed the changes in a post on the Pokemon Go blog. They said: “We want to give you a heads up about changes coming to Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid Passes.

“These changes are designed to rebalance the game and ensure it’s enjoyed by Trainers for years to come.”

The changes include the following pricing adjustments:

  • The Remote Raid Pass three-pack will increase to 525 Pokecoins, up from 300.
  • Single Remote Raid Passes will increase to 195 Pokecoins, up from 100.

Niantic will also add a three-pack of Premium Battle Pass’ to the shop for the price of 250 Pokecoins. They have also revealed that trainers will have a limit of five Remote Raids per day.

This limit may increase or change during special events, Niantic added. They also revealed that Remote Raid Passes will be included in the pool of potential rewards for monthly Research Breakthroughs.

However, if a trainer earns a Remote Raid Pass while holding three, that trainer will receive a Premium Battle Pass instead.

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