Pokemon Go players argue Road to Sinnoh is the “worst event” of all time

Eleni Thomas
Pokemon Go header

Pokemon Go players are slamming the new Road to Sinnoh event as being the “worst” the game has ever had.

Despite being over a decade old, Pokemon Go is still as popular as ever. The mobile game, developed by Niantic, continues to grow with new content, events, and more each and every month.

And while players may be overall pleased with the state of the game, there are still aspects that cause backlash. 

In a new Reddit thread, Pokemon Go players argued over which in-game event is the worst in the history of the game. The original poster claimed that the Road to Sinnoh event is the worst of the bunch.

The thread, which now has over 200 comments, is filled with other players chiming in. While some suggested other events to be the worst, many agreed with the original poster that Road to Sinnoh takes the title.

The reason for this? Many players mentioned bad spawns and lackluster Research tasks as being the main culprits. 

One Redditor commented, “Outside the raids and the timed research encounters, yes. The spawns are horrible and the field research sucks too.”

A second Redditor chimed in and wrote, “I was thinking about it. The spawns are quite nice to me but the catch rates are awful. Raids are terrible. Only getting 2km eggs with half hatch distance is nice though too.”

However, others defended the event as being a good setup for further content. Another Pokemon Go fan added, “It’s great for what it is. An event to prepare for the Sinnoh tour. You can clear your stored eggs, stock up balls if you need to, and don’t have to worry about your storage since you can mostly ignore wild spawns.

It’s not an s+ event, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. Just a chill week to prepare for the weekend.”