Niantic praised by Pokemon Go players over Legendary spawn rate change

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go fans approve of Galarian Bird Rarity With Daily Incense

Pokemon Go players are on the hunt for Galarian Legendary birds using the Daily Adventure Incense, and many are excited about the rare and special encounters.

Catching any Legendary in Pokemon Go can be a real chore. Many fan favorites haven’t been added to the game, and the available ones are normally locked behind rotating Five-Star Pokemon Go Raid battle events.

In recent months, Niantic has come under fire for many aspects of this repetitive gameplay, as well as changes to features added throughout 2020 that made the game more accessible.

The frustration was compounded for many Pokemon Go players by regularly broken events, game-breaking server crashes, and live celebrations that weren’t well managed.

However, the addition of the Daily Adventure Incense seems to be a much needed bright spot in Pokemon Go gameplay, and it has caught the attention of gamers for its unique spawns.

What spawns from Daily Adventure Incense?

For 15 minutes a day, players have a small chance of encountering rare Legendary Pokemon using the Daily Adventure Incense.

While some Pokemon Go players have been confused about the Daily Adventure Incense spawn rates, the new item has been celebrated by most for its accessibility and unique mechanics.

Reddit user pierreo93 commented to the Pokemon Go subreddit, praising Niantic’s update. “I wish Niantic treated all legendaries this way from the start. The birds are rare and very hard to catch, but at least when you do catch one they feel special, as legendaries should.”

Low-Sea1027 added, “I agree 100% I love how they did this. I have never wanted a Pokémon as bad as I do these birds. I hope they do this more in the future.”

However, several Pokemon Go players have voiced frustration at the low catch rates and high chances of the Legendary birds running away after being encountered. Sayasing comments “Like what’s the point when the likelihood of them fleeing is so high? I honestly partially dread finding one bc I just know I’ll be so excited and then get unlucky and not catch it.” Comments like this, highlight the difficulty some fans have had once they finally do score an encounter.

Niantic may balance Daily Adventure Incense in coming updates, giving those who find rare encounters a better chance at catching them. Hopefully, the new feature will stick around, and continue adding doable, daily fun for Pokemon Go fans to enjoy.

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