Pokemon Go players confused over Galarian Legendary spawn rates

Galarian Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go trainers have been left confused regarding the spawn rate of Galarian Legendary birds with the recently released Daily Adventure Incense.

On July 26, Pokemon Go announced Daily Adventure Incense, a free way to boost spawns for 15 minutes a day to help players be active.

One promise of the incense is that it will spawn the Galarian version of the Legendary Birds — Articuno, Moltros, and Zapdos.

However, trainers are confused regarding the spawn rates of the Legendary birds as some have used the incense every day since release and have yet to encounter any of the trio.

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Pokemon Go trainers confused at Legendary spawn rates

On August 15, user MeatballAppreciation posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit regarding the spawn rates of the Galarian Legendary birds.

He said: “I know they’re supposed to be rare, but it has been twenty days and I refuse to believe my luck is that bad. Any other f2p having the same problem?”

In just six hours after posting, he’s received over 1,300 upvotes and hundreds of comments from trainers regarding their encounters.

Reddit user MuelNado replied, explaining that he keeps seeing the same “boring” spawns: “Not seen one. Since the third day of the incense (a low CP, 0-star Venusaur), I’ve not seen any Pokémon that I would consider a rare pop-up. Just boring spawns over and over again.”

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KingMegoon1921 commented: “Not a rare birdie in sight. Definitely living up to their ‘mythical status’ in my game.”

However, a third user replied saying that they encountered the birds but were unsuccessful at catching them: “You’re only missing out on disappointment. I’ve seen 4 and all have fled after a golden razz/ultra ball great or excellent curveball.”

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