Pokemon Go players surprised Weekly Boxes have stuck around after Daily Adventure Incense


After the new Daily Adventure Incense was a massive hit among Pokemon Go trainers, some players expected Niantic to do away with the repeatedly disappointing Weekly Boxes.

Over the past several weeks, Pokemon Go players have taken to Twitter and Reddit to lament the release of yet another disappointing Weekly Box. For the price of one coin, players used to be able to purchase a Remote Raid Pass once per week.

Now, after the announcement that Remote Raid Passes would be removed from Weekly Boxes, players have been tossed scraps. The most recent boxes have included a single lure, one incense, or an assortment of berries and balls.

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However, Niantic recently released a new, free item that players can use once a day. The Daily Adventure Incense was an instant success among players, so much so that they momentarily forgot about the horrible Weekly Boxes.

Weekly Box returns to surprised players

On August 1, the new Weekly Box was released, and it again only contained a single lure. Much better than the week prior’s single incense, but players still weren’t that excited.

In fact, some trainers were surprised to see the box return. Week after week, players predict that Niantic will discontinue the weekly box seeing the downturn in purchases. But they keep appearing every Monday right on cue.

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On a post showcasing the contents of the Weekly Box, user Arsen624 commented, “Honestly introducing the daily adventure incense was a good opportunity for them to stop the weekly box. I am positively surprised they decided to keep it even if it’s definitely not a remote pass but it remains an option.”

Others commented that there was no need for these weekly posts anymore as the contents weren’t improving in value. And, as is tradition, several players have sworn off purchasing these boxes until they significantly improve.

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But if history continues to repeat itself, players won’t have to worry about checking the Weekly Box. At least they have their Daily Adventure Incense to look forward to.

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