Pokemon Go delighted with Adventure Week as it’s “best event” of the year

Kurt Perry
Amaura and Aurorus, two of the Pokemon to feature in Adventure Week 2023 Pokemon Go event.

Adventure Week 2023 is underway and it’s already established itself as a community favorite with numerous Pokemon Go players labeling it the best event of the year thanks to the amazing rewards on offer.

Starting on July 27, Adventure Week 2023 is the latest and currently ongoing event in Pokemon Go. Focusing on the Fossil Pokemon, it has become a staple having appeared almost every year since 2017.

In addition to two new shiny debuts, Adventure Week 2023 also introduces various event bonuses, unique Timed Research, and give players the chance to catch and evolve several meta Rock-type Pokemon.

All these incredible buffs and bonuses have impressed the community who can’t get enough of Adventure Week.

Community crowns Adventure Week as best Pokemon Go event

The Pokemon Go community has been thoroughly impressed by the current event believing that it’s easily the best Niantic has offered so far in 2023.

A Reddit post praising the event reads: “Sorry not sorry but this is the best event so far of 2023 IMO. Every wild encounter has a shiny variant available, I’m able to max out my shundo T-tar, two new bad ass shinies are dropped in the game and decent 7km event eggs.”

Agreeing with the post one trainer responded: “Agree, the fossil Pokémon are some of my absolute favourite so I’m a bit bias lol.”

Another player compared it to their other favorite Pokemon Go event of 2023: “I also really loved the fantasy-themed one at the start of the year with heaps of fairy and dragon types but I couldn’t play most of it because I was sick with covid. At least I can actually go out and enjoy this one.”

A few replies agreed with OP but not for the same reason replying “Agreed, but bar was pretty low,” and “The bar was low. I still wake up screaming over that Hitmonlee Catch Mastery event”

Adventure Week 2023 will run from July 27, 10 AM to August 2, 8 PM. As usual the start and finish time are based on Local Time and will therefore differ slightly based on where your location.

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