Pokemon Go fans thank Niantic as Litwick headlines October Community Day

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Community Day Litwick

Pokemon Go players are praising Niantic following the October 2022 Community Day reveal, vocalizing excitement for the Litwick-focused event.

Pokemon Go has revealed its October 2022 Community Day, announcing it will feature the Ghost/Fire-type Litwick. After months of upsetting Community Day options, many fans have taken to social media to celebrate the spooky Halloween event.

Recent months have been difficult for Pokemon Go Community Days. A combination of changes and unpopular Pokemon species has left many fans uninterested in participating in global events. The most frustrating of these problems have been the rollbacks on Community Day timeframes, which were changed from 6-hour windows to 3-hour windows earlier this year.

Additionally, the mobile app has struggled with numerous event bugs. Players have flooded social media posts, calling Niantic out for spawn issues, server problems, glitches, bugs, freezes, and delayed start times. However, it seems picking the right Pokemon for events could be the start to getting the app back on the right track.

Pokemon Go players are excited to catch Litwick

In the comments of a Twitter post shared on the PokemonGoApp account, players have flocked to share their thoughts on the upcoming Litwick Community Day.

Pokemon go player Tyrannotaur comes in with an exuberant “YES! Let’s light it up!”, while Kiwisteve5 adds “Knew there was a good reason to hold off evolving this bad boy, bring it on”, followed by an image of a Litwick with perfect stats.

Meanwhile, TheBlaziking comments “A good com day? It’s about bloody time”, immediately followed by SlitherSong_ stating “A perfect fit to the spooky month!”.

While the exciting Community Day announcement doesn’t address the issues still present in Pokemon Go, it is a good step in the right direction for Niantic. Because the game is designed to bring the community together, offering options that appeal to a wide population of players is the perfect way to increase interest.

Hopefully, this spooky Community Day event will be everything fans have been wishing for.

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