Pokemon Go August Community Day rumors – Potential headliners revealed

Paul Cot

The Pokemon Go August Community Day has yet to be announced but a datamine may have suggested what to expect.

Update: According to the good people at PokeMiners Niantic may be skipping the vote for the next Community Day. Instead the August CD will just feature Magikarp.

This, of course, like initial datamine is subject to change. No date for the day was found.

Trainers were thrilled being given the choice for the May and June Community Days. A poll was made on the official Pokemon Go Twitter page and it looks like this will continue.

The Pokemon with the first and second most votes were made to headline the May and June CDs respectively. This could repeat for August and September, too.

It is very important to note that these selections or the vote itself are definitely not confirmed. They are the result of a datamine, courtesy of PokeMiners, and the data could be changed at any time.

According to the datamine the choice will be between:

  • Caterpie
  • Charmander
  • Grimer
  • Porygon

It’s an interesting lineup with the likes of Caterpie and Charmander appearing to be linked to former contenders Weedle and Squirtle. The last poll received an astonishing 671,633 votes.


Caterpie is far from intimidating but that didn’t stop Weedle winning the last vote. As a result it may be a little naive to write off Caterpie’s chances just yet.

Butterfree doesn’t seem to much of a threat either and, unsurprisingly, isn’t a part of the Pokemon Go meta. Then again, despite its menacing appearance, neither was Beedrill and we all saw how that turned out.

One of the most famous bug-types, it would need a super-powerful exclusive move to make it effective in either PvE or PvP. Even then, its stats and low max CP would still make it a tough ask for GO Battle League.


No matter what Charizard is always in the Pokemon spotlight someway or somehow. The Pokemon Company have been mocked for their apparent obsession with it.

Maybe trainers have a point because the Kanto fire-starter is back and could even headline a Community Day. Unlike the other three species on this list, Charmander has already headlined before which was in May of 2018.

There’s no doubt Charmander will be a polarizing pick. Some trainers won’t be able to resist another chance of adding powerful Charizard to their collection. Furthermore, Shiny Charizard is unquestionably one of the most iconic Shinies in the entire franchise.

Others will bemoan the repetitiveness of seeing yet another Kanto starter get all the attention. It will be interesting should the datamine prove correct. Presumably, Blast Burn would be its exclusive move.

Caterpie Charmander Grimer Porygon Community Day
We think trainers will be pleased with this selection of Pokemon should it prove true…


A Grimer Community Day would be very interesting. That’s because Alolan Grimer would likely be a part of the event as well.

That gives trainers double the fun but on top of that Alolan Grimer, and more so Alolan Muk, are highly sought after. It is a dual dark and poison-type which gives its resistances to dark, ghost and psychic attacks – three prominent attack types in Pokemon Go.

Interestingly it would be the first time a pure poison-type has headlined a CD. With the addition of an exclusive move, in terms of effectiveness in Pokemon Go, Grimer may be a difficult choice to turn down.


Alongside Charmander, it looks like Porygon will be the favorite to snatch most votes. One trainer, “jackos” from Reddit, commented: “Porygon and Charmander are winning that vote for sure.”

Grimer will definitely be in contention but given the popularity of both Charmander and Porygon it is hard to argue against this prediction. Interestingly, while popular, the Porygon line shared a similar issue with Butterfree (and last month’s headliner Gastly) whereby it has a lopsided attack.

This is great for Raid Battles but makes it more difficult to use in PvP and GO Battle League. Porygon is a pure normal-type, which may surprise some trainers. It is capable of an array of different typed Charge Moves and it will be interesting to see what exclusive move is offered.

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