Pokemon Go Walking rewards: Adventure Sync, How to turn on, reset times

Pokemon Adventure SyncNiantic

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync is an addition to the Pokemon Go app which allows you to earn rewards for walking milestones – even when the Pokemon Go app is turned off!

Adventure Sync is a great optional feature in Pokemon Go that allows players to earn rewards for walking around with their mobile device. Although none of the rewards are unique items – it’s an amazing way to passively pick up resources.

Of course, in order to claim these walking rewards, you’ll need to turn Adventure Sync on. So, let’s check out how to enable to feature and what rewards are available for each milestone.

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Pokemon GoNiantic
The Pokemon Go app doesn’t need to be open to earn walking rewards.

How to turn on Adventure Sync & walking rewards

Providing you have Apple Health or Google Fit installed with location permissions enabled, you can turn Adventure Sync on within the Pokemon Go app. Niantic list the instructions as the following:

  1. Firstly, tap the ‘Main Menu‘ button.
  2. Then tap the settings button.
  3. Finally, tap on ‘Adventure Sync‘. You’ll then be asked to grant permissions for Pokemon Go to access either Apple Health or Google Fit.

You can disable Adventure Sync by simply unchecking it within the settings. There is also the option to allow push notifications to notify you when your Buddy has earned a candy or an egg has hatched.

Adventure Sync rewards and unlocks

Adventure Sync rewards are calculated on a weekly basis.

The minimum distance you need to travel for a reward is 5km with the highest reward coming in at 100km. All of these rewards can be earned together, meaning they are stacked. Check out the list below:

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  • 5km: 20 Poke Balls
  • 25km: 10 Great Balls + 500 Stardust + 1 Rare Candy or 1 5km Egg
  • 50km: 5 Ultra Balls + 1,000 Stardust + 5 Rare Candy, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, 5km egg or a 10km egg
  • 100km: 16,000 Stardust
Pokemon GoNiantic
Adventure Sync is reset weekly so players can earn a new set of rewards.

Adventure Sync reset time

In terms of reset times, Adventure Sync is relatively simple to keep track of. Walking rewards are reset every Monday at 9 AM PST and players will be allocated their unlocks for the previous week.

For all you new Pokemon Go trainers out there, keep in mind you need to be level five to access the Adventure Sync feature!

Adventure Sync not working in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, some players have been experiencing issues with Adventure Sync and claiming their rewards. There are a number of possible reasons for this, so let’s rundown why it might not be working for you.

  • Make sure you have either Apple Health or Google Fit installed on your device or you will not be able to use the feature.
  • Ensure Pokemon Go is listed as a connected application for these apps.
  • To check this, head to the settings of either fitness app, select manage connected applications and ensure that Pokemon Go is listed.

If none of these solutions work for you there’s no need to worry! Head to Niantic’s dedicated troubleshooting guide for Adventure Sync here.

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Pokemon GoNiantic
These walking rewards can be earned while you’re hatching in-game eggs.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s Adventure Sync feature. Before long, you’ll be earning rewards on the go and passively collecting resources.

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