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Pokemon Go A Very Slow Discovery: Slow Pokemon spawns, Raids & bonuses explained

Published: 8/Jun/2021 10:44

by David Purcell


A Very Slow Discovery event is coming to Pokemon Go and it brings with it a load of Slow Pokemon, including Galarian Slowpoke and Mega Slowbro. 

Discovery really is the mood in the mobile game this June, with Niantic announcing an entire Season of Discovery will take over the app throughout the month.

One part of that will be hemisphere exclusive Pokemon, which are broken into Northern, Southern, and Rare Wild Spawns.

A part of the event, however, is Pokemon Go’s A Very Slow Discovery, which will present players with the opportunity to pick up not just Pokemon making their debuts, but also a whole host of bonuses as well. If you would like to take part, let’s run through the main details.



Pokemon Go A Very Slow discovery dates and times

The event will take place between June 8-13. It starts at 10 AM local time and ends at 8 PM local time.

Debuts for Galarian Slowpoke and Mega Slowbro

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Galarian Slowpoke is coming to Pokemon Go, for a limited time.

The ‘A Very Slow Discovery’ event will provide players with a chance to catch not just Galarian Slowpoke for the first time, but Mega Slowbro as well.

These two have never appeared in Pokemon Go before, so now is your chance to cross another off your Pokedex! They will both appear in different Raids.

How to get Galarian Slowpoke Pokemon Go

  1. Load up Pokemon Go
  2. Purchase an Incense or two to increase spawning at your location.
  3. Hunt for Pokemon and wait until a Galarian Slowpoke appears.
  4. Take part in 1-star Raids if wild catching doesn’t work.

How to get Mega Galarian Slowbro Pokemon Go

  1. Load up Pokemon Go.
  2. Look at the weaknesses and best counters for Mega Slowbro.
  3. Head into a Mega Raid in-game.
  4. Take down and then catch Mega Slowbro.

There will be a research task that rewards players with Mega Slowbro energy as well, so keep that in mind.

New Spawn rates for Slow Pokemon in Wild Encounters

Slow Pokemon, as part of the ‘A Very Slow Pokemon’ event, will be given increased spawn rates for a limited time. These are broken up into wild encounters with boosted spawn rates, and also rare encounters. 


Pokemon Encounter type
Slowpoke Wild (appearing more)
Slakoth Wild (appearing more)
Gulpin Gulpin Pokemon Go Dex Wild (appearing more)
Spoink Wild (appearing more)
Slowbro Rare 
Vigoroth Rare

A Very Slow Discovery Raids

A few new Pokemon will be added to 1-3 star Raids during the event as well, seen below:

Pokemon Raid
Galarian Slowpoke
Alolan Grimer
Snorlax ⭐⭐⭐
Slowking ⭐⭐⭐
Slaking ⭐⭐⭐
Toxicroak ⭐⭐⭐

A Very Slow Discovery Bonuses explained

On a final note, Pokemon Go players will be able to snag a number of bonuses during the ‘A Very Slow Discovery’ event.

  • Field Research – Complete tasks to receive Slow Rewards.
  • Slowpoke Collection Challenge – Exclusive Slowpoke Forever shift included in rewards, with 3,000 XP and 30 Ultra Balls.
  • Shop update – Slowpoke items to arrive in the store.
  • Slowpoke-themed gifts – Spin Pokestops to receive exclusive items and send them to friends.
  • Free box – Event exclusive bonus with a King’s Rock, 20 PokeBalls, and 10 Great Balls.

As you can see, there’s going to be plenty for trainers to sink their teeth into during the ‘A Very Slow Discovery’ festivities.

Kings Rock Pokemon Go

Pokemon King's Rock
The Kings Rock is a very rare item in Pokemon Go. 

To get a Kings Rock item in Pokemon Go – which is used to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking in Pokemon – you have to spin PokeStops. 

There is around a 1% spawn rate per spin at the PokeStops, making them one of the rarest items in PoGo.


One method players use to obtain the Kings Rock this way is to keep a seven-day streak of spins, which will give you a boosted chance of getting one. While it’s not guaranteed, it’s certainly a more assured way of getting one than random spins once in a while. After 250 spins, that chance increases to over 50%.

As more information is confirmed, we’ll be sure to update this guide with more information. Until next time, follow us on Twitter @TrainerINTEL.