Fan opens “amazing” Pokemon museum and you can visit it

Nathan Ellingsworth
YouTube content creator Leonhart stands in front of a glass cabinet filled with vintage Pokemon games in their boxes

One dedicated Pokemon fan has opened their very own Pokemon museum celebrating the history of the franchise, and other Pokemon fans can explore it themselves right now.

A Pokemon content creator called Leonhart has opened their very own Pokemon museum, as detailed in a recent video on their YouTube channel. The new site features games and items chronicling the entire history of the franchise from the 90s until now and is even open to the public.

The site is now open in Dallas, Texas, and is expected to remain open for around a year, though there are currently no exact details about when the museum will close. In his video, Leonhart explains the process it took to get the museum designed and curated, including multiple rare items from their own collection.

Pokemon artifacts from across the Pokemon TCG, Pokemon video games, and even some Pokemon Go items are included, and a lot of fans are already pleased to see some nostalgic items in the video, with one comment saying, “I had the pikachu Nintendo 64 when I was a kid !! So cool to see it again.”

Any fans hoping to make it to the museum can also see some rare items such as deck boxes from the original Pokemon TCG releases, rare boxed versions of the original games, some of the older games available to play such as Pokemon Stadium, and a lot of rare Japanese Pokemon merch as well.

A large sign dispays the Pokemon logo

From an initial pitch last year, to the opening of the store recently at the end of April, Leonhart’s video explains the painstaking process of planning and building the exhibit, which was previously occupied by a museum dedicated to the live-action Mario Bros movie from the 90s.

Plenty of fans in the comments are hoping to make the trip to Dallas to check out the museum, as one says, “Just moved to TX. Can’t wait to come visit.” Then, another comment adds, “I will do my best to go visit!”

Seeing Pokemon fans create a museum like this is not only a reminder of how dedicated the fanbase is, but also the fact that The Pokemon Company is missing out on some untapped potential, with fans worldwide keen to have their own Pokemon theme parks, Pokemon Center stores, and more.

With any luck, this helps to convince the people behind Pokemon to that there is a market for dedicated Pokemon spaces outside of Japan. Plus, if recent trademarks are any indication, fans might be getting more physical Pokemon stores sooner than they think.

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