Pokemon fan gets insane Blastoise card as Father’s Day gift but there’s a catch

Brianna Reeves
blastoise card father's day

A Pokemon fan received an awesome Blastoise card for Father’s Day but quickly realized that it wasn’t exactly a rare Pokemon card.

The evolved and final form of Squirtle, Blastoise has long played a fascinating part in Pokemon canon. This turtle-like, bipedal pocket monster remains a fan favorite, too, having appeared in the anime, games, and other forms of Pokemon-branded media.

A rare Blastoise card would, thus, be considered a solid gift for any Pokemon fan, regardless of the occasion. Interestingly, one person thought they lucked out on Father’s Day upon opening their gift.

But the reality was something else entirely, the kind of present that some would argue is a bit sweeter.

Pokemon fan gets perfect Blastoise card for Father’s Day

Reddit user Quick-Monk-8036 shared a photo of the “rare” Pokemon card they received for this year’s Father’s Day. The image depicted a Blastoise card, which adorably features Squirtle and Wartortle alongside their evolved form.

It didn’t take long for the Redditor to notice, however, that it’s not actually a real Pokemon trading card. Instead, it’s a specialized Father’s Day card modeled after the Pokemon design.

Fake or not, this seems one gift well worth cherishing; responses to the post below tend to agree. “It’s priceless. Awesome gift and happy Father’s Day!” one person wrote. Someone else commented, “That is so nice I like the wording as well.”

These fan-made cards are easy enough to find with a quick Google search for anyone who’s suddenly thought of a clever gift idea. It’s not confirmed by the Redditor, but the Blastoise card above could’ve come from an Etsy shop.

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