Pokemon anime fans think Team Rocket’s run as ‘series villain’ is over

Team Rocket Blasting Off pokemon anime abandonmentThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Anime fans have come together to discuss the true evil lurking in different episodes – and it isn’t the notorious Team Rocket.

The Pokemon Anime has introduced and focused on several evil characters throughout its nearly three-decade airtime. From the notorious (and annoying) Team Rocket to the dark, clouded judgment of characters like Sword & Shield’s Chairman Rose, danger seems to be a very real challenge for young Pokemon trainers.

However, some of the darkest villains of the Pokemon Anime aren’t wearing jumpsuits and singing catchy theme songs.

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Despite the series focusing on the importance of bonds, teamwork, companionship, and dedication, players have noticed a common theme that appears to be the true lurking evil of the Pokemon universe – Pokemon abandonment and its consequences.

The Pokemon Anime uses many types of partner abandonment

Ash Ketchum, the perky protagonist of the Pokemon Anime, is seen stepping in on several cases of Pokemon abandonment. During Indigo League, Ash obtains his iconic Charmander after it is left abandoned in the rain. This story is reiterated in the 2017 film “I Choose You!”.

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Ash Ketchum XYZ Pokemon Anime FroakieThe Pokemon Company
Ash’s Froakie joins the team in Pokemon XY

Additionally, the Froakie Ash teams up with in Pokemon XY and XYZ is another victim of abandonment. Upon meeting the Kalos Water-starter, Ash learns that it has been returned or left behind numerous times for its difficult personality.

However, in a recent post shared by RiseFallNickBck, the Pokemon Anime fan comments on a selection of screenshots from Pokemon Journeys.

The images share the story of Ash’s now well-known Gengar long before they met. The Pokemon is left outside a building, told to wait by its trainer, and then is left behind. The user comments, “This is the true most evil villain in the Pokemon universe.”

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Outraged Pokemon Anime fans filled the comments, sharing their horror at the idea of abandoning a companion. Bluejay20113 gets right down to it, commenting, “Ok real talk: who abandons Pokémon like this? Most of them could kill you in a second if they wanted revenge. Just trade them, give them to someone, or release them in the wild. I’m pretty sure most tamed Pokémon understand when you can’t take care of them anymore.”

Meanwhile, DocMighty adds “Seriously though who does that to a GENGAR!?”, likely about the Ghost-type’s powerful moveset and known vindictive nature.

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The consensus of the post was that only the evilest of people would abandon their Pokemon. The act is more malicious and twisted than anything the antagonist Team Rocket trio could think up, and even surpasses the darker themes of characters like Giovanni and his desire for ultimate power.

While trying to steal Pokemon or “reveal” their true power through dangerous training methods isn’t okay, the Pokemon Anime reveals the darkest monsters are likely ordinary trainers too caught up in success to value their partners.

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