Pokemon analyst reveals insane impact Logan Paul has had on TCG prices

Published: 5/Oct/2020 23:49

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon analyst revealed how popular YouTuber Logan Paul has impacted the Trading Card Game. Since showing off his collection, prices have continued to boom in demand.

Logan Paul surprised followers in September when he announced that he bought an “estate’s worth” of Pokemon Trading Cards. The 25-year-old called the Nintendo collectibles “new art” that was worth investing serious money into.


The star’s post put a major spotlight on the hobby, which has seen an explosion in value in recent years. However, one analyst says he’s already had an impact on the TCG, and compared his involvement to “throwing a bomb of gasoline onto it.”

YouTube: Logan Paul
Logan Paul has been buying and selling Pokemon cards.

Logan Paul’s impact on Pokemon Trading Cards

The YouTube influencer has invested a ton of money into Pokemon trading cards – even dropping over $216k at an auction for a sealed 1st Edition base set booster box. And according to TCG seller and analyst ‘ZandGEmporium’, Paul has put a lot of new eyes onto the hobby.


“Someone with actual brand power, and life-changing wealth is actually getting into the Pokemon community. Logan Paul had a YouTube video that was number two trending on YouTube, and has millions of millions of views,” he said.

The expert also revealed that Paul has already had an impact on demand. “What’s that going to mean for the prices of everything? Well, you’ve already seen it. You know how many messages I’ve got in the past two weeks since he’s released that video about base set> It’s like ‘Do you have basic packs. Do you have base set packs? Base set box?'”

YouTube: Logan Paul
Logan Paul shows off his obsession with Pokemon.

ZandGEmporium called Paul’s promotion of selling cards “genius” and addressed detractors of the star: “There are people that love or hate Logan Paul. That’s fine, it is what it is. You can say what you want, but if he’s legitimately buying and selling them, it is what it is.”


The analyst pointed out that Pokemon cards have been exploding in value over the last two years, and didn’t need Paul. However, he explained that the influencer had just dropped a “bomb” onto it.

In Logan’s October 4 YouTube upload, the content creator revealed he’s been an avid fan of Pokemon since he was a kid. He even revealed that he has a Squirtle Squad tattoo, and plans on getting Charizard inked on his back.


TikTok in shock as Quenlin Blackwell reveals she’s living with Diplo

Published: 23/Oct/2020 16:47

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikToker and former vine star Quenlin Blackwell has bemused fans after revealing that she’s currently living with world-famous DJ Diplo.

Quenlin Blackwell first rose to fame on Vine, earning more than half a billion loops and half a million followers, and has now amassed more than 4 million followers on TikTok.


Diplo, 41, is an American DJ known for tracks like “Be Right There” and “Revolution,” and has released music with artists including Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber. He is also a founding member of electronic supergroup Major Lazer.

The DJ’s global fame is partly a reason why TikTok was so bemused when 19-year-old Quenlin revealed to her followers that she lives with him. In one video, responding to fans who asked her about noise complaints, she very casually said “I live with Diplo right now and he fully supports my endeavors.”

Instagram: QuenBlackwell
Quenlin is popular on TikTok and is often seen with members of the Hype House

TikTokers immediately asked questions about how the pair ended up living together and expressed their surprise. Quen responded to a comment that said “What! Tell us how this happened. We need the story,” and filmed herself asking Diplo why she lives with him, to which he responded, “Because I have no other friends.”

@quenblackwellReply to @itsamayy♬ original sound – quenblackwell

This offered fans little in the way of explanation and even rapper Lil Yachty responded with cry-laughing emojis.

One user wrote: “This is the oddest duo but like I’m not mad.” Another wrote: “I’m sorry I’m having a hard time processing this,” while someone else added “Who is writing the 2020 script?? I just wanna know.”

@quenblackwellLIVING WITH DIPLO: PART 3 he doesn’t know how to tie his shoes♬ original sound – quenblackwell

Since the bizarre reveal, Quenlin has begun a TikTok series documenting her living situation with one of the world’s biggest musicians. So far Quenlin has filmed Diplo struggling to tie his shoelaces, bopping to music in the car, and behind the scenes at a live-stream concert for Major Lazer’s new album launch.

@diploThe time when @quenblackwell called the paparazzi on herself in my backyard smh♬ original sound – Diplo

Meanwhile, Diplo has featured Quenlin on his own TikTok including a video of him checking to see if she has swollen glands in her neck and a sneaky video of a photoshoot with the caption “The time when @quenblackwell called the paparazzi on herself in my backyard smh.”

No one was ready for such a bizarre collaboration, but TikTok is here for it and excited to see the next few installments of Quenlin’s “Living with Diplo” series.


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