Pokemon Champion’s Path rainbow Charizard card already selling for a ton

pokemon champions pathThe Pokemon Company

A new Charizard card in the Pokemon Trading Card Game is already selling for absurd amounts. The gorgeous rainbow holographic comes from the Sword & Shield expansion Champion’s Path which hit stores in September.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game made its North American debut in 1999, and quickly became a cultural phenomena just like the Nintendo RPG. Children and adults from around the world couldn’t get enough of collecting them.

A new Charizard card that released on September 25 is setting the internet ablaze. The Champion’s Path collectible has fans scrambling to their nearest store, to try to get their hands on the Rainbow holographic – which is now selling for as high as a thousand dollars.

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pokemon champions path elite trainer boxGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The TCG expansion has three new Charizard cards.

Rainbow Charizard Pokemon card selling for crazy amounts

The latest Pokemon TCG set, Champion’s Path, is based on eighth generation title Sword & Shield, and even features Gym Leaders from the RPG. However, the expansion’s new Charizard cards are what has caught the attention of fans.

While the Fire-type has always been an incredibly popular character going back to the Trading Card Game’s 1999 base set, the latest version features a stunning rainbow holographic that looks absolutely mesmerizing.

The Charizard cards are based on both the Gen VIII’s G-Max form, as well as its incredibly rare black Shiny version which has been a fan favorite for decades.

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champion's path charizard pokemon cardsPokeGuardian / The Pokemon Company
Popular outlet PokeGuardian got their hands on these gorgeous cards.

Despite releasing on September 25, the secret rare rainbow card has exploded in prices on online auction sites like eBay. Many sellers have already began listing them from $800 to thousands of dollars. Some have sold for over $1k without even being graded.

pokemon charizard ebay listingEbay / The Pokemon Company
The rare Charizard card has sold for absurd amounts already.

The item’s insane prices shouldn’t come as too much of a shock as it is based on a rare promo in Japan which has sold for as high as $9k in past months. While the English versions are not anywhere as limited as the tournament promos, it’s identical in every way except just in a different language.

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charizard ebay listing Ebay / The Pokemon Company
The Japanese promo edition sold for over $9,000 in July.

Charizard continues to be one of the most popular characters in the beloved franchise. Its 1st Edition 1999 base set card can sell for as high as $50k if it’s in a Grade 10 condition. And new collectables featuring the monster keep selling at mind-blowing prices – with Champion’s Path being the latest example of this.

While the  TCG was mainly aimed at kids back in the 90s, the game has now attracted collectors from around the world years later looking to capture past nostalgia. Rare items have even sold for as much as a house, such as a rare Pikachu card selling for over $250k.

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