Niantic unveils Ultra Beast return to Pokemon Go and players are hyped

Em Stonham
Blacephalon from Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Go players – have you missed the Ultra Beasts? Niantic just revealed an eerie trailer that shows a horde of returning Ultra Beasts coming back to Pokemon Go.

There’s been a lot of excitement in the Pokemon Go community lately as a new season is just around the corner. World of Wonders kicks off soon and Niantic has just revealed a brand new trailer that’s got Pokemon Go players intrigued.

Originally shared on the official Pokemon Go app X page, a trailer has gone live that shows a slew of Ultra Beasts causing havoc, alongside the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala. Ultra Beasts are officially coming back to Pokemon Go – here’s everything you need to know.

Ultra Beasts are coming back to Pokemon Go and fans are hyped

The new Ultra Beasts teaser trailer was shared and it received a huge reaction from fans. The video shows a wide variety of Ultra Beasts – including Buzzwole, Stakataka, and Blacephalon running amok in a city alongside the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon legendaries.

The trailer wrapped up with a date, telling fans that the Ultra Beasts would be present in the game from the 3rd of March to the 6th of March.

A lot of the fans in the replies were super excited to see Ultra Beasts on the way back, with one person replying that they were “ready to take them down” and another saying, “YEAHHH MORE ULTRA BEAST HYPE”.

Some Pokemon Go players commented on the creepy, found footage style of the trailer, with one remarking that, “UB is like horror every time.” Another mentioned the similarities between the style of this video and the SCP Foundation style of content.

One fan noted that they liked “how the teaser is so dark, mysterious and ominous and then you have the bright and cheerful World of Wonders logo at the end lol”. The World of Wonders logo got some heat when it came out, so it was interesting to see this sharp change in content style.

World of Wonders is set to be a lot of fun and there’ll be plenty of content to get involved with.

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