Niantic trolls Pokemon Go player with Cosmoem wild spawn prank

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A certain Pokemon’s surprise return to Pokemon Go tricked one player into thinking they could find the Legendary Cosmoem in the wild.

As Pokemon Go’s Season of Light is set to come to a close, fans were finally able to evolve their Cosmoems into either the Legendary Solgaleo or Lunala.

Unfortunately, Cosmog can’t be found in the wild yet so players only have one shot to evolve the Cosmog they received through the Cosmic Companion Special Research storyline.

However, one Pokemon Go fan got tricked into thinking that Niantic had started spawning Cosmoem in the wild thanks to the surprise return of one fan-favorite Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go player trolled by Zorua’s return

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit detailed the unfortunate misunderstanding. The Pokemon Go player made a post titled “I had a small moment of a heart attack” followed by two images.

The first image showed a wild Cosmoem about to be captured with an Ultra ball. At first glance, any trainer may assume that Niantic had sneakily released Cosmoem as a wild encounter to surprise trainers.

Unfortunately, the second image revealed the wild Cosmoem was simply a Zorua in disguise. Many trainers remember Zorua’s debut thanks to the fun and memorable mechanic Niantic introduced in that Zorua takes the form of one’s current Buddy Pokemon.

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According to the player who made the Reddit post they “didn’t know Zorua was back” and got incredibly excited upon finding what they believed was a wild Legendary Pokemon.

Other trainers in the comments assured them not to feel bad as they also got their hopes up upon finding rare Pokemon in the wild only to catch Zorua.

“I thought I found a wild Noibat… Such disappointment. Don’t feel bad. I fell for this today too,” said one player. Another fan commented and said, “My buddy’s a Vanillish and I still fell for it…”

It’s unclear when, if ever, Cosmoem and Cosmog will be found in the wild, but it hasn’t happened just yet. Players with rare or Shiny Pokemon as their buddies should remember not to get fooled as Zorua is once again out in the wild.

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