New Girafarig evolution Farigiraf revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Farigiraf in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

A lengthy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer has revealed that Girafarig will be getting a brand new evolution called Farigiraf.

With just a month to go until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are officially released on the Nintendo Switch, yet another trailer has given us a better insight into the new gameplay features trainers can expect to see.

While most of the 14-minute trailer recapped details we already knew, one big reveal was that the Johto region’s Girafarig will be getting a new evolution known as Farigiraf – try saying that three times in a row.

Farigiraf is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon whose appearance is almost as confusing as its name, with an elongated neck and a head that appears to have become fused with the head of its tail.

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We’ll let you figure that one out by watching the trailer below (Farigiraf appears around the 6:50 mark).

The trailer also revealed a new picnic feature – which appears to be a Paldea variation of Sword & Shield’s camping feature – as well as the ability to craft TMs to teach your Pokemon new moves.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the next entries into the long-running Pokemon franchise and they’re set to hit Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

The two games will officially kick off Generation 9 with loads of new creatures including the starters Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco. They will take place in Paldea, a region inspired by Spain and Portugal.

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We’ve already gotten a detailed look at the game’s box art Legendaries – Koraidon and Miraidon – and there are a few version-exclusive Pokemon that have been confirmed for each edition of the game.