Mega Diancie coming to Pokemon Go in double debut for Go Fest Global 2023

Dylan Horetski
Mega Diance Pokemon Go launch

Mega Diancie is coming to Pokemon Go during the Go Fest Global 2023 event, making both Diancie and its Mega form available globally for the first time.

Pokemon Go’s annual Go Fest event is set to launch at the beginning of August 2023, with three in-person events in England, Japan, and the US.

Diancie will debut in the game during these in-person events, with players in attendance being the first to acquire the popular Mythical Pokemon.

To make things even more enticing for ticket holders, Pokemon Go has revealed that Mega Diancie will launch during Go Fest Global 2023 on August 26, 2023.

Diance & Mega Diancie mark historic double-debut

Announced on July 26, 2023, Pokemon Go Fest 2023 became more valuable for ticket holders as the Mega version of Diancie will become available during the global event.

“A double Diancie debut?! That’s right! After appearing for the first time at the in-person GO Fest 2023 events in LondonOsaka, and New York City, Diancie’s Mega Evolution—Mega Diancie—will make its worldwide debut for ticket-holding Trainers during Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global,” they said in the update.

Fans were quite surprised with the announcement on Twitter, calling it “unexpected.”

“This was unexpected lol I would assume it’ll be via quest for mega energy to prevent people from grinding a mythical,” one user replied.

Another commented: “I think having us collect Diancie Mega Energy through Carbink raids is really unique. This Go Fest is actually looking really good. it seems you took notes from last year.”

“The amount of New Content at this GO fest is insane… might be overwhelming but I’m excited,” a third user said.

We’ll be sure to update you with news and more updates as GO Fest 2023 comes closer.